Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb Holds Annual Fall Powwow

The Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb held its annual fall powwow last week at their tribal grounds  on a cloudy, cold morning and a sunny, warm afternoon.

Tribal members in their regalia and guests chanted, danced, shopped and ate throughout the day.

As tribal members beat the drum to the ancient beat, gourd dancers entered the tribal circle and started  the day- long events.

Choctaw-Apache Tribe Chief Thomas Rivers, carrying the Spirit Stick composed of Eagle feathers,  led he Grand Entry parade.  He was followed by other tribal members carrying the U.S.Flag, the tribal flag, and the Louisiana flag.  All tribal members  followed as they all made their way around the tribal circle.

Father Keith Gargin, the priest at St.Anne’sCatholic Church in Ebarb, was inducted into the Choctaw-Apache Tribe an honorary member and was given the name “Spirit Warrior”.  Gargin is active in the Choctaw-Apache tribe and participated throughout the day.  He  celebrated a Native American Indian mass at St. Anne’s later that afternoon.  

The recognition of all veterans was yet another highlight of the powwow. Veterans were asked enter the circle, and everyone was asked to pass by the veterans and thank them for their service to the country.

A much-admired four-legged guest received lots of attention as he strolled the tribal grounds.  He was a Native American Indian dog, recognized by the American Kennel Club as  a rare breed of dog that dates back almost 10,000 years. Despite his appearance, no wolf genes are  in his DNA.

Many of the events focused on teaching the tribe’s children about the tribe’s  customs and history.  As one tribal leader said,  “We must teach our ways to our children, or our history, customs and culture will be lost forever.”

Choctaw-Apache powwows are held twice annually – in the spring and again in the fall – at the tribal grounds near Ebarb.

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