An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving is a family feel-good movie that will get everyone in the holiday spirit when it plays at the Many Community Center on Saturday, Nov. 20. At 7p.m.

The movie is free, a Thanksgiving gift from Mayor Robert Hable, the City Council, and the Cultural District Advisory Committee.

Set in the 1880s right after the Civil War where the father was killed,  a recently widowed woman struggles to feed her three children and keep the family farm. . The eldest daughter, an aspiring writer, contacts her wealthy and estranged grandmother in a bid to reunite the family. However, conflict ensues when the stern grandmother arrives to meet them for the first time.

 Based on a short story by Louisa May Alcott, it is a movie about family love and forgiveness.  It is about a family “poor in money, but rich in love”. 

When the good-natured Barrett family are beginning to make preparations for their Thanksgiving celebration, Mrs. Barrett is called away suddenly to attend to her ailing mother. She puts her eldest daughter Tilly in charge of cooking the feast in her absence. Tilly undertakes this colossal challenge with confidence and the help of her siblings, but fails to pay attention when stuffing the turkey with catnip and neglects to add sugar and salt to the plum pudding. As her little sister Prue is prettily setting the table, her brothers discover a bear coming toward the house. Wielding axes and rifles out the door, the boys are shocked to find Tilly’s sweetheart in disguise. Disaster averted, Mrs. Barrett returns with cousins and aunts and uncles in tow and the happy news that their Grandma is well. The entire family savors the delicious dinner, despite its few shortcomings, and praise Tilly and her siblings for pulling off a Thanksgiving they will always remember. The Barrett family has much to be thankful for- their family and friends, good health, and love and laughter. 

Mayor Hable encourages all families to see this movie.  “It’s perfect to get everyone to understand the true reason for Thanksgiving,” he commented.  “Thanksgiving is about being grateful and giving Thanks.  This movie will remind us all of that.” 

The theatre doors will open at 6:15 p.m.  Popcorn and soft drinks are only $1.00 each.  The movie begins at7 p.m. 

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