Buddy Wood Joins Board of Directors for United Way of Northwest Louisiana

buddy wood
United Way of Northwest Louisiana recently accepted Buddy Wood of State Farm as a 2017 board member. Wood has been recognized as an individual with a passion to improve his community. Out of the 27 board members that advocate on behalf of United Way NWLA, Wood is the only one to represent Sabine Parish – one of the outlying and more rural parishes this United Way serves.

Wood was born and raised in Natchitoches Parish and is a graduate of Northwestern State University. He has been an active member of the community. He is currently a member of the Rotary Club of Many while also an active member of the Sabine Chamber of Commerce of which he used to serve as president. Wood describes his involvement in the community as a return on investment.

“You have to give back to what has been given to you,” he says. “It’s a privilege for me to be able to do so.”

Wood will serve a minimum of one calendar year as a United Way board member. His duty in this role is to advance United Way’s mission of improving health, education, and financial stability for all citizens living in Northwest Louisiana while maintaining essential needs for those in crisis or struggling.

In addition to his community service, Wood has been recognized as a top performing agent with State Farm for more than 35 years. He and his wife have been long time residents of Many. Together they have three children and three grandchildren.

Plant Sale celebrates 12 years of growth 

_Natural Springs0792

Natural Springs Garden Center and Nursery is in the business of growing and business is growing. The Center will mark 12 years of servicing the Natchitoches community with its annual Customer Appreciation Celebration and Anniversary Sale this Friday-Monday, May 26-29 during business hours.

Regular business hours are Mondays-Fridays from 8:30 am – 5 pm, Saturdays from 8:30 am – 4 pm and Sundays from 1-4 pm. This Sunday, May 28, will be the last Sunday the Center is open for the season.

All live plants will be 40% off. Everything in the Ole Country Store will be 30% off. Remember products grown at Natural Springs (about 90 percent of its inventory) are not subject to sales tax.

There’s also a “do it yourself” potting bench. Bring a pot, plant what you purchase on-site and leave the mess at Natural Springs. Owners Corkey Bruce and Mace Morris, or one of their staff, are always happy to assist with potting. They even have the soil you’ll need.

Planning for their business venture began in 2004 and the Garden Center opened in 2005. An accountant by trade, Corkey originally ran a landscape/lawn service as a self-taught licensed horticulturist. Natural Springs was born from a need to have an inventory for the landscape business. Soon after Hurricane Katrina they began growing their own plants with the help of a transplant from Southern Louisiana.

The nursery has become a destination as school groups, bus tours and students stop by regularly to peruse the wide selection of plants. Natural Springs partners with FFA and Horticulture groups from Lakeview, NCHS, Florien and Coushatta. Students spend time in the nursery studying for horticulture identification for competitions.

Corkey believes in smart and economic gardening. While they may not be name brand, she carries the best solutions to solve all gardening problems from insect and disease control to fertilization. She also prides herself on the Center’s reasonable pricing.

Corkey learned to garden from her grandmothers and says working with plants is a great stress reliever. Her son Mace spent 10 years in the military. Working at the Center since its beginning Mace says he’s developed a passion for plants. While the nursery is their core business, Mace is more interested in the technical side, which includes back flow prevention inspections and irrigation design and installation.

The Center is pet friendly (on-leash), providing a drinking station. They’re also known to have water guns on hand to make visits a much cooler experience for the kids.

“We don’t want a bunch of customers,” said Mace. “We want a bunch of friends.”

Follow Natural Springs Garden Center, located at 4243 University Parkway, on Facebook for videos and other information.

_Natural Springs0808

“Ring bell for service.”

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The Re-Emergence Of The Haynesville Shale

By Don Briggs
Article and photo re-published courtesy of the hayride.com


The oil and gas industry could not be more diverse in Louisiana. In south Louisiana, in particular, the industry is experiencing historically low and stagnant rig growth, while the rest of the country sees a resurgence in rig activity. In northwest Louisiana, there is a glimmer of hope for the oil and gas sector, and that driving force is the Haynesville Shale.

The Haynesville Shale formation is a layer of sedimentary rock situated more than 10,000 feet below the surface and stretches from northwest Louisiana to parts of eastern Texas and also grabs the southwest part of Arkansas. The formation covers an area of approximately 9,000 squares miles and averages between 200 and 300 feet in thickness. It accounts for the third largest shale play with the potential of holding nearly 500 trillion cubic feet of gas.

At one point in time, this formation was thought to be too financially burdensome to explore, but with advances in hydraulic fracturing, directional drilling, and a spike in energy costs, companies began to explore. What they found was vast amounts of recoverable natural gas known as shale gas.

This discovery would eventually lead to the Haynesville Shale boom between 2008 and 2010. It was estimated that during 2009, approximately $10.6 billion in new business sales, nearly $5.7 billion in household earnings, and nearly 58,000 new jobs were created.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the Haynesville has been pushed out of the way in favor of more low-cost plays such as the Marcellus Shale in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York areas, and Utica Shale in Quebec. Due to the northeast’s lack of pipeline infrastructure and their shut-in production, the Haynesville is becoming more attractive again. Doug Lawler, CEO of Chesapeake, said it best, “[The Haynesville] was largely written off by industry two to three years ago, but it has reemerged stronger than ever.”

Louisiana’s access to the gulf, abundance of pipelines and processing plants, along with the industry’s advancements in drilling technology, has led to a resurgence in the Haynesville Shale. Just last March output from Haynesville fell to a six year low. Production in this formation will now climb for the seventh straight month in June, reaching the highest since October 2014.

The infrastructure needed to export and process the natural gas produced from the Haynesville is contingent upon economic growth in Louisiana. As of January 2017, there were six LNG Export terminals approved, two of which are currently under construction. Even more recently, Venture Global announced an $8.5 billion LNG complex, G2 LNG is planning for an $11 billion natural gas facility, Magnolia LNG announced a planned $3.45 billion facility, and Cheniere shipped over 100 cargoes of domestic LNG starting back in February.

As stated in a Forbes article, “Louisiana [has] an underrated edge because oil/gas production is ingrained in the culture.” The Haynesville Shale was once a shale play left for dead, but now we are seeing the reemergence that could completely change the game for Louisiana. This culture of oil and gas production that hailed from generations past must be realized. This culture and tradition must be carried on for decades to come for the sake of Louisiana.

Today is Opening Day – Anderson’s Produce

RRPJ-Anderson TOP-17May17

It is May 17th already!!! And the veggies are ready!

Anderson’s Produce is now open for the 2017 season. Farmer Jason Anderson said, “We are going to have a bumper crop of tomatoes.”

“Warm weather has created an early and productive crop,” added Anderson “we are ready to get the vegetables going for the year.”

In addition Anderson’s Produce will also have ferns and flowers to sell as well. The greenhouses are packed with big, lush Boston Ferns and lots of varieties of flowers.

Stop for a moment and gaze at the new waterfall and pool in the rear of the produce stand. Take a few minutes to relax in the shade and see all that is new at Anderson’s for this season.

Opening day features tomatoes, potatoes, onions and so much more. The weather has been just right to grow delicious vegetables in the rich river soil of south Red River parish.

Jason Anderson invited you to “come to the farm.” Anderson’s Produce and Plant Farm on Highway 174 half way between I-49 and LA 1.

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Harrington Law Firm handling Pradaxa, Eliquis and Xarelto claims

Rodney and Eddie Harrington at The Harrington Law Firm announced that they are handling pharmaceutical class action cases regarding the drugs Pradaxa, Eliquis and Xarelto.

“We have seen far too many advertisements from attorneys who aren’t even located in our area let alone our state” says Eddie Harrington. “We felt that people here needed an attorney they can actually meet with and talk to regarding their claims rather than talking to an attorney out of New York on the internet or the phone.”

Pradaxa, Eliquis and Xarelto are prescription blood thinning drugs. However, these drugs have been linked to serious injuries such as internal bleeding, strokes or even death, and may entitle the injured party to significant compensation.

“Boehringer Ingelheim, the manufacturer of Pradaxa, have already agreed to settle claims for a total of $650 million dollars. Both Eliquis and Xarelto’s class action suits are still on-going” stated Eddie. He emphasized that there is a limited period of time in which to file claims.“Time is actually running out, so if you or a loved one have taken Pradaxa, Eliquis or Xarelto and have had complications due to these drugs then please contact us right away.”

The Harrington Law Firm has offices in Natchitoches, Many and Leesville. They can be reached at 318-352-5900 or at http://www.theharringtonlawfirm.com

Kids can ‘get their adventure on’ with Jr. Watermen Camp this summer

SUP-Paddle 2

Kids, get your adventure on with six fun days of Stand Up Paddling and Kayaking! Cane River Paddle & Pedal Sports in Natchitoches will offer a Jr. Watermen Camp for boys and girls ages 7 and above June 5 – July 21.

Campers will be given the opportunity to explore and experience a new world on Cane River Lake via Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and Kayaking while also learning water safety.

“We want to help everyone access and experience Cane River Lake and foster a sense of adventure in our campers,” said Gerry Kiefer.

The SUP experience starts with quality instruction from beginner strokes and maneuvers to more advanced techniques during this fun-filled week. Beginner paddlers will develop a solid foundation for Stand Up Paddling and Kayaking.
Camp Dates (Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays- weather permitting):

• June 5th – 16th
• June 19th – 30th
• July 10th – 21st


• Ages 7-10, 9-11 am
• Ages 11-13, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
• Ages 14+,  2-4 pm

Week 1: Stand-Up Paddleboards

• Monday: Basic paddling (how to get on/off the board, row, steer)
• Wednesday: Review basics/Intermediate paddling (new turn techniques, effective paddling strokes)
• Friday: Review intermediate/Racing

Week 2: Kayaks

• Monday: Basic Kayaking
• Wednesday: Review basics/Intermediate paddling.
• Fri.: Review intermediate/Racing

***Participants must be able to swim***

No skills are required. Registration is recommended but drop-ins will be accepted. The fee is $90 per week. To sign up for a class call 318-527-0066 or email caneriverpaddlepedal@yahoo.com.

With the warm weather of summer on the horizon, Cane River Paddle & Pedal reminds the Natchitoches community that rentals start at $20/hour. Spring days & hours are 12-7 pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and 1-7 pm on Sundays (weather permitting).

Cane River Paddle and Pedal recommends comfortable active or swimwear (all under $30) for your best paddling/pedaling adventure. Browse the Showroom location at 780 Front Street, Suite 104, for great accessories, activewear (brands such as 90 Degree high-performance moisture wicking technology) to keep you cool and comfortable. For more information go online to http://www.caneriverpaddlepedalsport.com.

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Paddle into spring on Cane River Lake

The first official day of summer is a little over a month away, but the weather in Natchitoches is already perfect for some Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) on Cane River Lake. With construction ongoing most of this year on a downtown riverbank renovation project, Cane River Paddle and Pedal has set up a rental location on the east side of the riverbank at the Church Street Bridge Rowing Dock off of Williams Avenue.

Rentals start at $20/hour. Spring hours are 12-7 pm on Thursdays and Fridays, 11 am – 7 pm on Saturdays and 1-7 pm on Sundays (weather permitting).

To sign up for a class call 318-527-0066 or email caneriverpaddlepedal@yahoo.com.

Starting off the summer right, Cane River Paddle and Pedal will team up with Jennifer Sheffield from Spark Studio to offer SUP Yoga classes beginning Thursday, May 11. The classes will be offered every Thursday from 6-7 pm (weather permitting) at the rental dock location.

No skills are required. All level students are welcome. Registration is recommended but drop-ins will be accepted. The fee is $30 per class. To sign up call 318-401-0162.

***Participants must be able to swim***

“SUP Yoga is a great way for new folks to give yoga a go,” said Sheffield. “It focuses on balance, strength and inner core. Being on the serene water of Cane River Lake, surrounded by nature, creates a relaxing experience.”

Another alternative exercise option is PaddleFit with Gerry Kiefer. Classes will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6-7 pm (weather permitting). The fee is $30 per class. PaddleFit will improve body strength and balance, combining cardio with calisthenics, core and strength resistance.

“It’s a little more of a challenge for those who want to work out and love the outdoors,” said Kiefer. “The goal is to combine fitness with the relaxation of being on the water. What better gym location than Cane River Lake?”

Look for upcoming information on Junior Waterman Summer Camps for boys and girls. Participants will learn basic water skills, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and kayaking. Two-week classes will be offered on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from June 5-21 for ages 7-16.

To sign up for a class call 318-527-0066 or email caneriverpaddlepedal@yahoo.com.

Cane River Paddle and Pedal recommends comfortable active or swimwear (all under $30) for your best paddling/pedaling adventure. Browse the Showroom location at 780 Front Street, Suite 104, for great accessories, activewear (brands such as 90 Degree high-performance moisture wicking technology) to keep you cool and comfortable. For more information go online to http://www.caneriverpaddlepedalsport.com.

Maggio Selected Northwestern President


The Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System today named Dr. Chris Maggiothe 19th president of Northwestern State University. Maggio has worked at Northwestern for close to 30 years, most recently serving as acting president.

During his tenure his roles have included work in athletics, alumni relations and student affairs.

”I’ve given my professional life to Northwestern and it has been a joy to come to work every day,” Maggio said. “It is an honor to take the role as president full time and I look forward to collaborating with students, faculty and staff to ensure the university continues on its positive trajectory.”

The Northwestern State University Search Committee narrowed the field to two finalists, Maggio and William Wainwright, after interviewing three semifinalists last week.

“Northwestern is near and dear to my heart and the Board could not have made a wrong decision today. Chris is passionate about the university and with his experience and knowledge I am confident he will be a positive leader for the entire community,” UL System President and CEO Jim Henderson said. “On the other hand, Will Wainwright is one of the brightest minds in higher education and his future in Louisiana has no bounds.”

During his interview Maggio outlined his familiarity with the campus and noted its key to success is faculty innovation, an engaged student body and community partnerships. He promises to bring a passion and fervor to the office with a collaborative governing style.

Connor Arthur selected for National 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Program

NPJ - Connor Arthur
Connor is a Sabine Parish Junior Leader and Member at Large.
He is a LA 4-H State Shooting Sports Ambassador and will now represent Louisiana at the 2017 National 4-H Shooting Sports Teen Ambassador Institute in Florida.
2017 National 4-H Shooting Sports Teen Leadership Institute has selected 30 youth from 17 different states to attend training for the National 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Program in Gainesville, FL this July.

Recent Bookings at the Sabine Parish Detention Center Posted: 05/01/17


Damien Petite, male, 22, arrested on charges of Natchitoches Parish warrant, by Many Police Department. He bonded.

Germany Thomas, male, 35, arrested on charges of contraband in penal institutions prohibited, by Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Edward Anders, male, 27, arrested on charges of theft, by Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Larry Dowden male, 59, arrested on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, possession of alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle, by Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Blake Lee Perkins, male, 20, arrested on charges of 3 counts Sabine Parish warrants each for theft under $750, 1 Sabine Parish warrant for simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling, by Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Willie Danial Carhee, 54, arrested on charges of aggravated battery under family violence act, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of firearm while in possession of controlled dangerous substance, production or cultivation of schedule I marijuana, by Many Police Department.

Willie Daniel Carhee, on charges of production or cultivation of schedule I marijuana, possession of firearm by convicted felon, by Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Ezra Charles Thompson, male, 20, arrested on charges of Sabine Parish bench warrant, Natchitoches Parish Bench warrant, Natchitoches warrant for theft, unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, simple burglary, simple criminal damage to property, by Many Police Department.

Bruce Antone Lee, male, 39, arrested on charges of disturbing the peace, simple criminal damage to property, by Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office. He bonded.

William Kirk Crochet, male, 39, arrested on charges of no insurance, by Zwolle Police Department.

DeMarrio Demon Lloyd, male, 27, arrested on charges of driving under suspension due to DWI, by Louisiana State Police. He bonded.

Any indication of arrest does not mean does not mean the individual identified has been convicted of a crime. All persons arrested are innocent until proven in a court of law.

Crime Stoppers Reward


The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Department is investigating the theft of the pictured dirt bike. The motorcycle is described as a Yamaha TTR125 blue and white. The bike was taken from a residence on Holly Street on April 28. Information can be provided to Crime Stoppers at 318-256-4511 and you can remain anonymous.

Notice of Death – May 5, 2017

Notice of Death 2017

Henry Daniel DeKeyzer

June 28, 1925 – May 3, 2017
Visitation: Friday, May 5 from 5-10 pm at Warren Meadows Funeral Home in Many
Service: Saturday, May 6 at noon at St. John The Baptist Catholic Church
Interment: St. John The Baptist Catholic Cemetery

Georgianna “Corky” Grubb
July 15, 1924 – May 1, 2017
Visitation: Friday, May 5 from 9-10:30 am
Service: Friday, May 5 at 10:30 am in the chapel of John Kramer & Son Funeral Home
Interment: Pineville National Cemetery

Maria del Pilar Lorio
August 22, 1931 – April 30, 2017
Visitation: Friday, May 5 from 4-8 pm and Saturday May 6 from 12-1 pm, at the John Kramer & Son Funeral Home. A recitation of the Holy Rosary will be held Friday, May 5 at 6 pm in the Kramer Chapel Service: Saturday, May 6 at 1:30 pm in Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church
Interment: Sunday, May 7 at noon in Hope Mausoleum in New Orleans

Johnny Atkins
Visitation: Friday, May 5 from 6-8 pm at Mt. Mariah Baptist Church in Kingston
Service: Saturday, May 6 at noon at Mt. Mariah Baptist Church in Kingston
Interment: Bethlehem Cemetery in Gloster

Dorothy Taylor
Visitation: Friday, May 5 from 6-7 pm at Jenkins Funeral Home in Mansfield
Service: Saturday, May 6 at 11 am at Union Spring Baptist Church in Mansfield
Interment: Morning Glory Cemetery in Mansfield

Mamie Peterson
Visitation: Friday, May 5 from 7-8 pm at Jenkins Funeral Home in Mansfield
Service: Saturday, May 6 at 1 pm at Union Vine Baptist Church in Logansport
Interment: Mt. Zion Cemetery in Logansport

Kathleen Ida Simmons
June 22, 1938 – May 1, 2017
Visitation: Friday, May 5 at 10:30 am at Rocky Mount Congregational Methodist Church
Service: Friday, May 5 at 2 pm at Rocky Mount Congregational Methodist Church Interment: Rocky Mount Cemetery

Jessie Lee Washington Wallace
October 14, 1950 – May 2, 2017
Arrangements TBA

Evelyn Jones
May 2, 2017
Arrangements TBA

Larry Don Kirkland
April 22, 2017
Service: Monday, May 22 at 2 pm at First United Methodist Church in Natchitoches

Johnny Earthquake and The Moondogs to headline at Mayfest


The Moondogs will play a headlining set this Friday, May 5, at Mayfest in downtown Leesville.

“We’ve performed several times at Mayfest over the years, but this the first time we’ve headlined, said Rodney Harrington. “This will be a very special performance that you do NOT want to miss.”

John Crook, Executive Director, said folks in Leesville are looking forward to having The Moondogs back.

“We are very excited to have The Moondogs headlining Friday night at Mayfest,” he said. “Year in and year out they are one of our most popular bands. They are a fun, high energy, and put on a great show that always draws a crowd.”