Sabine Parish Chamber’s Career & Education Expo


The Career & Education Expo is right around the corner. This is an amazing opportunity for all the high school students in the parish to explore 9 of Sabine Parish’s growing career paths: Timber Harvesting, Manufacturing, Construction, Auto Truck Mechanic, Finance, Business/Retail, Tourism, Education, and Medical.

Northwestern State University and Northwest Louisiana Technical College will also be there to answer and of your education questions. We look forward to seeing you there!!

Donate Easter items for foster children by April 7

Little Angels of God is seeking Easter donations for children from birth to age 17 by April 7. Officers are available to pick up any donations, or they can be dropped off at Evolutions Salon, located at 7071 Highway 6.

Examples of donation items for Easter baskets:
· Bibles of any kind

· Easter baskets and buckets

· Hats, bonnets, gloves, scarves

· Easter grass, cellophane bags

· Fingernail polish

· Small toys

· Journals and pens

· Jewelry

· Coloring books, crayons and markers

· Books

· Perfume

· Balls

· Flashlights

· Baby bottles and other infant items

· Hair products

· Individually wrapped candy

· Anything that will fit in an Easter basket, bucket and sometimes hats (the hat is turned upside down and used as a basket)

· Homemade items including crocheted hats, scarves and more are accepted
Little Angels of God is a non-profit charity that began in 2010. It helps foster children at Christmas and Easter through CASA of Natchitoches. In giving to CASA, the organization provides Christmas and Easter gifts to court appointed foster children as well as other foster children in Sabine parish.

For more information contact Kellie Wall at 318-527-3301

Improvements to Community Center improve quality of life in Many

SPJ-Dance Floor

The Many Community Center is the name for the old Sabine Theater, a single screen movie theater that operated from the early 1940’s until mid 1980’s. The Town of Many paid $10,000 for it in 1992. The Town then applied to the Lt. Governor’s Office to establish a Cultural District, which was approved in 2014.

The first big project was renovating the old theater, naming it The Many Community Center. Through generous donations and some funding from the city, the Cultural District Advisory Committee and Mayor Ken Freeman worked to restore the old theater, a major job. A state-of-the-art commercial movie projection system with surround sound audio was installed.

Before the Center and Cultural District, there was almost nothing to do in Many and the local area. People went to Shreveport, Alexandria and Natchitoches.

“Now they can stay home, see good movies, enjoy music shows, plays, concerts, and more,” said Cultural District Chairperson Mary Brocato. “There’s always something for everyone. We now have a Sabine Parish Student Drama Club that performs a couple of plays every year. Talent shows and people attend and enjoy the events. And we keep it all affordable. Sabine Parish is not a wealthy parish, so we provide activities so people can stay local and have something to do at a price they can afford.”

Free movies are shown on the second and third Saturdays of the month with $1 concessions. Movies feature a wide variety of genres including classics, westerns, children’s movies, recent releases, musicals and more. No movie is rated R, only movies rated G, PG and PG-13 are shown. It’s movies the entire family can attend.

The Center holds Lake Country music shows on the fourth Friday of each month. There are also plays, band concerts, community meetings, gospel singings during the Juneteenth Festival and a variety of other events including the annual Easter Eggstravaganza and the Christmas Party. Kids can meet Santa and the Easter Bunny, receive gifts and watch holiday themed movies.

“This year we hope to add a zombie walk,” said Brocato.

While the whole theatre was renovated in 2014, improvements are continuously being made. Workers installed a new $40,000 32-foot movie screen, and a dance floor for the music shows. Last week 30 new theatre seats were bought to replace some broken, aging ones.

“As we can afford it, we make improvements and upgrades and offer even more cultural activities,” said Brocato. “We will have some opera classes in the fall for local youth. I want to add poetry readings also. So we are always working hard to bring, art, music, cultural activities to the Cultural District, and the Many Community. The Center is the heart of it all.”


SPSO-Meshell 03-28-17

On March 28, 2017, at approximately 4:06 A.M., an inmate at the Sabine Parish Detention Center was discovered missing.
Jason “Scotty” Meshell, 36, of Zwolle, was discovered missing during regular rounds and it was later found that he was able to gain access to an unlocked gate after attending religious services in the chapel, which was under repair.
Meshell is a 5’4” tall white male and weighs approximately 130 lbs. He has black hair with a beard and was last seen wearing a navy jumpsuit. He was being held on a parole violation for possession of Schedule II, as well as failure to register as a sex offender, obstruction of a public passage, careless operation, resisting by flight, flight from an officer, and switched plates.

Meshell was confirmed to have been at the Texaco Station next to McDonald’s at 9:15 P.M. on March 27, 2017. He was attempting to get a ride to Zwolle. He was wearing an old pair of blue jeans and was not wearing shoes.
If anyone has information concerning the wherabouts of Meshell, please contact the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Department at 318-256-9241.

2nd Annual Dylan Poche Memorial Bass Tournament – Official Standings


Dylan Poche Memorial Bass Tournament
Cypress Bend Park
March 27, 2017

CONTACT: Burt Poche
PHONE: 1-318-652-3176
TOLEDO BEND – The 2nd Annual Dylan Kyle Poche Memorial Bass Tournament was a great success. Held on the Toledo Bend Lake on March 25, 2017. Juddy Hamous and Christian Cain Hamous took home 1st place prize of $5000, weighing in at 21.79. Other payouts were given up to 12th place, along with numerous prizes.

Official Standings of the 2nd Annual Dylan Kyle Poche Memorial Tournament for Top 12 Winners out of 87 boats:
1st Cain Hamous and Juddy Hamous – 21.97
2nd Joseph and Dimple Clevinger – 19.39
3rd Dustin Boyt and Russell Sistrunk – 18.28
4th Michael Bedgood and Jerry Hester – 17.48
5th Chris Gordon and Allen Gordon – 14.71
6th Randy Despino and Robert Despino – 14.11
7th Daniel Campbell and Kaitlyn Campbell – 13.98
8th Kevin Harris and Billy Bonds – 13.97
9th Brad Hensley and Michael Kotz – 12.62
10th Craig Lewis and Cason Lewis – 12.30
11th Nicholas Ezernack and Evan Ezernack – 11.37
12th Lance Fontenot and Archie Dore II – 11.26
Big Bass – Juddy Hamous – 7.50

“We are so very thankful for all of the support we have received from everyone. I know Dylan was right there with us all today.”  – Dylan Poche Family

Discover Your State: Toledo Bend

By Corey Poole

sabine_discover your state_toledo bend


Louisiana/Texas state line

With over 1,200 miles of shoreline, Toledo Bend Reservoir has a host of activities, accommodations and dining selections to choose from. Stay at a resort or a number of other lodgings including lakeside cottages, RV Sites, State Parks and campgrounds. It’s more than a body of water: it’s an adventure and no two trips will ever be the same.

Once part of a 5,000 square mile “No Man’s Land,” filled with outlaws, pirates and rebels, Toledo Bend Lake has grown into a renowned fishing destination. It was ranked the #1 Bass Fishing Lake in the Country in 2015 and 2016 by BASS Masters Magazine.

The seeds of a big dream, planted in 1955, grew to fruition in 1969 when the Toledo Bend Reservoir was completed. Built as a $70 million economic development project for the Sabine River Area, both in Texas and Louisiana, it’s an all-encompassing destination resort in a rural area.

Whether it’s a business meeting, training workshop, golf getaway, fishing trip or wedding Toledo Bend surrounds visitors with its beauty and tranquility. Overlooking an 18-hole championship golf course and serene views of Toledo Bend is Cypress Bend Resort.

The resort offers a world-class experience with friendly service; delicious dining options to satisfy every appetite; scenic nature trails through vibrant gardens, tranquil forests and the shimmering lake; fishing packages starting at $126 per person; and spa services including massages, facials and body wraps.

Toledo Bend Lake Country is also popular as a retirement destination because of its relaxing scenery, proximity to modern amenities and abundance of activities from historic trails and sites to scenic drives and gardens. And don’t forget about what it’s famous for: fishing!

Toledo Bend is one of the many attractions that can be found in Louisiana North, also known as Sportsman Paradise. The cities/parishes that comprise Louisiana North offer exciting activities like great cultural attractions, superb festivals, tantalizing local restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shopping adventures.

Affordable healthcare is a moral, not political issue

By Edwin Crayton/Opinion


When you’re lying on a bed sick, you’re not a Democrat or a Republican. You’re not a red state resident or blue state resident. You’re just a human being in need of good medical help. And that’s the way we as moral beings should see you. Neither race, nor politics or class or income, nor anything should determine whether you get the help you need. That is the promise of a free society: compassion for all. But it’s sadly, not the reality in America today.

The truth is your race, class and income do in fact determine the quality of healthcare you get or whether you get healthcare at all. Polls show in fact that one of the main reasons poor people—particularly poor minorities— tend to die of diseases like cancer is because they tend to see a doctor later than those who are better off and that means that by the time they seek medical help, it’s often too late. An article in the December 29, 2015 issue of the online version of the Washington Post said, “In the United States, access to primary care seems to be a matter of who can afford it. Poor children are much less likely than rich children to see a doctor or a dentist for outpatient treatment or checkups.” In short money is in fact determining who lives or dies in some cases. That kind of dreary fact is one of the things that drove concerned citizens nationwide and their political leaders to create affordable healthcare legislation.

Although I disagreed with President Obama on many moral issues such as his support for abortion and homosexuality marriage. ( I am pro-life, anti-abortion and as a Christian, I agree with the Bible that homosexuality is a sin and therefore should not be normalized, just as no sin should be.) However, I did agree with him on one moral issue: we in this country need affordable healthcare. I disagree with those who say it’s socialism to want to provide affordable healthcare for people. It’s not socialism to want to help people stay healthy and to want to make sure that who you are doesn’t determine whether you get decent healthcare or more drastically, whether you get to live or die. Not only is that Christian, but instead of being socialist, it’s as American as apple pie to me. Unfortunately, in Washington right now, there are many in both parties who don’t see it quite this way. The issue of healthcare reform is to them just another political football to kick around. And I believe both parties are guilty. When either party suggests something regarding healthcare, the other party seems determined to fight it. It’s almost as if they have agreed to oppose whatever idea the other suggests in order to spite them. The trouble with that kind of senseless strategy is that the public is paying for such nasty politics with its life, literally. Both parties need to calm down, realize the election is over and work on a good healthcare reform plan that works in a bipartisan way.

Healthcare is not about political issues. It’s about your mom getting a mammogram she needs. It’s about your husband or son getting a cancer exam that catches the problem in the earliest stage when it can be dealt with effectively. It’s about not losing a relative or friend simply because he or she could not afford to seek help. Denying people access to healthcare by denying real human beings the ability to afford medical help is criminal. That’s why as the Republicans come up with their version of healthcare reform it’s important that we as citizens give them input on what we expect this reform to look like. Write letters, attend public meetings, but make your voice heard. Whether we are on the right or left politically, we all need to get involved. Tell your political leader to work with the other party to create a good plan that works. Someone dying just because they don’t have money should never be acceptable to any of us. Healthcare reform should not be designed to win elections. It should be designed to heal people. All the people.

The Sabine Parish Journal received this submission. The views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Sabine Parish Journal.  If you have an article or story of interest for publishing consideration by the SPJ, please send it to

Defense takes edge in Demons’ second spring scrimmage

3-23-17 Gang tackle

Gary Hardamon photos

Almond guided a nine-play, 57-yard drive including Green’s 29-yard run that helped produce a 25-yard Eric Piccione field goal.

Sophomore Jared West led the backs with 44 yards rushing on seven carries. Junior college transfer Marquisian Chapman topped the receivers with four catches for 30 yards, while Ferguson had two for 50.
The competition was sprinkled with several brief altercations as tempers flared.

“It got a little heated today,” said Thomas, who had both coordinators gather their troops at the end of the scrimmage to address the situation. “Don’t know if that was having spring break on the horizon, or the grind of three weeks of spring ball coming to the fore, but it gave us an opportunity to teach the guys how to be intense but disciplined. We will be disciplined.”

NSU students head out Friday afternoon for spring break. The Demons resume spring practice Monday night, April 3, with the 28th Annual Joe Delaney Bowl spring game Saturday morning, April 8.

Scoring plays:
Eric Piccione 25 field goal
Tyreik Campell 5 run (Austyn Fendrick kick)

Passing (15-29-1, 174 yards):
Kenny Sears 7-12, 119 yards; J.D. Almond 6-12, 38 yards; Clay Holgorsen 2-5-1, 17 yards.

Receiving (15-174):
Marquisian Chapman 4-30; Jazz Ferguson 2-50; Ronald Green 2-5; Tanner Ash 1-30; Kalen Meggs 1-19; Jaylen Watson 1-15; Tyreik Campbell 1-11; Gavin Landry 1-5; Bryson Bourque 1-5; Glenn Irons 1-4.

Rushing (23-95, 1 TD)
Jared West 7-44; Ronald Green 5-34; Nigel Dora 8-11; Kenny Sears 1-9; Tyreik Campbell 1-5, TD; Team 1-minus 8.

Defensive stats:
Ronald Malbrough 5 tackles, 3 solo; Brice Borgeson 4 tackles, 1 QB hurry; Dezinarell Gray 4 tackles, 4 solos; Dazarie Hall 3 tackles, 3 solo; Darian Raymond 3 tackles, 2 solo; Lionel Williams 3 tackles, 1 solo; Stanley Woodley 3 tackles; Nick Pierotti 3 tackles, 2 solo; Ian Edwards 2 tackles, 2 solo; Deshon Ficklin 2 tackles, 1 solo; Charlie Matthews 2 tackles; Zak Krolczyk 1 tackle, 1 solo; Manuel Mukes 1 tackle; Ricky Chatman 1 tackle; Deshon Hayes 1 tackle; Malik Sonnier, 1 interception; Ike Warren, 1 pass breakup; Lyn Clark, 2 QB hurries; Peyton Guidry, 1 QB hurry.

Fishing tournament honors memory of Dylan Kyle Poche


The second annual Dylan Kyle Poche Memorial Bass Tournament will be held tomorrow, March 25 from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Cypress Bend Boat Launch on Toledo Bend Lake. All boats must weigh-in by 3 p.m. Scales will open at 2 p.m.

Dylan was born March 10, 1997, to Luther “Burt” Poche, Jr. and Misty Ott in Natchitoches. He had  two brothers: Kaleb and Brayden.  Later down the road, Shelley Delrie Poche came into their lives and became stepmother to the three boys. Family was a key part of Dylan’s life, and he enjoyed spending quality time with all of them.

Everyone knew that being outdoors is what Dylan loved.  Dylan’s joy for hunting and fishing began when his dad would take him and his brothers hunting and fishing in the pond behind their Pawpaw’s.  In high school Dylan focused on fishing, joining the Natchitoches Central High School fishing team.

That’s where Dylan knew he had found his niche.  In 2013, he placed 2nd in the TBF Louisiana High School Fishing State Championship on Caddo Lake.  He went on to fish in the High School World Finals in Pickwick Ala. in 2015, where he and his fishing partner, Reagan Maxey, placed 17th out of over 100 boats.

By fishing many tournaments throughout the state during his high school years, Dylan became an accomplished angler.  Upon his graduation from NCHS in 2015 with honors, Dylan decided to attend Northwestern State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Dylan’s dream and passion, however, was to become a professional angler one day.  He joined the NSU Fishing Team and partnered up with Cain Hamous. Dylan fished his first FLW Cowboy Division tournament on Toledo Bend Lake in 2016 and placed 4th, with his biggest weight ever of 22lbs 8oz.

First place at the fishing tournament will receive $5,000. Additional payouts will be made. Other activities include a DJ, raffles, a bounce house and food and fun for all ages. The entry fee is $150 (max two people per boat). There will be an optional Big Fish for $20 per boat.

For more information contact Burt Poche at 318-652-3176 or 318-652-7192.

Hardrick Rivers Plays tonight


Talented saxophone player Hardrick Rivers will be the guest performer at the first Lake Country Musical Show tonight, March 24, at the Many Community Center.

James Wagley and the Turn- Ups will be the house band on the fourth Friday of every month.

The show will begin at 7 p.m. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children from 6 to 12 years of age. Children 5 and under are admitted free.

Veterans with proper identification are also admitted free.

Crime Stoppers needs our help

The Many Police Department is currently investigating a series of burglaries that took place over the weekend at the Many High School Complex. Unknown subjects broke into the Many Jr. High shortly before mid-night on Saturday by using a crowbar to enter the building. Later, they did the same to the Many High School and the Many Elementary School. Various school rooms and offices were broken into causing damage to doors and windows. It is undetermined at this time what is missing, but it appears the intruders were after money.

Two individuals wearing backpacks were captured on the surveillance cameras as they walked thru the complex. The investigation is on-going at this time. If you have any information on this crime, please contact the Many Police Department. The Sabine Crime Stoppers is offering an award in this case.

Crime Stoppers at 318 256 4511


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Today, local news, events, and local personalities need to be the driving force in LOCAL media coverage. The SPJ will emphasis a quick delivery of accurate information to your the read while it’s still news and not a week-old story. The Journal will go the extra mile to find out the positive things people in Sabine Parish are doing to make life better for our neighbors.

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