Donate Easter items for foster children by April 7

Little Angels of God is seeking Easter donations for children from birth to age 17 by April 7. Officers are available to pick up any donations, or they can be dropped off at Evolutions Salon, located at 7071 Highway 6.

Examples of donation items for Easter baskets:
· Bibles of any kind

· Easter baskets and buckets

· Hats, bonnets, gloves, scarves

· Easter grass, cellophane bags

· Fingernail polish

· Small toys

· Journals and pens

· Jewelry

· Coloring books, crayons and markers

· Books

· Perfume

· Balls

· Flashlights

· Baby bottles and other infant items

· Hair products

· Individually wrapped candy

· Anything that will fit in an Easter basket, bucket and sometimes hats (the hat is turned upside down and used as a basket)

· Homemade items including crocheted hats, scarves and more are accepted
Little Angels of God is a non-profit charity that began in 2010. It helps foster children at Christmas and Easter through CASA of Natchitoches. In giving to CASA, the organization provides Christmas and Easter gifts to court appointed foster children as well as other foster children in Sabine parish.

For more information contact Kellie Wall at 318-527-3301

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