Sabine Parish Addresses Leash Laws For Dogs Running Loose

— — SABINE PARISH, La – In a post made Tuesday, the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office addressed the issue of dogs running loose within the Parish. According to state law, dogs must be contained within an enclosed yard or on a leash. For the safety of both dogs and citizens of the parish, Sheriff Mitchell posted the following; 

Sheriff Aaron Mitchell would like to address the problem of dogs running at large. Louisiana Revised Statute 3:2771 says “No person shall suffer or permit any dog in his possession, or kept by him about his premises, to run at large on any unenclosed land, or trespass upon any enclosed or unenclosed lands of another.” 

This is a state law. Louisiana Revised Statute 3:2773 says dogs are personal property of the owners. This statute also says, “Any citizen may, or the sheriff, constable, or other police officers of any parish, ward, or municipality shall seize any dog found unaccompanied by its owner or keeper and running at large on any road, street, or other public place, or trespassing on any premises other than the premises of the owner.” 

“Any citizen or officer may kill any dangerous or vicious dog, and no citizen or officer shall be liable for damages or to prosecution by reason of killing any dangerous or vicious dog.” 

Sheriff Mitchell adds that dogs roaming free has always been a problem. Citizens are required to keep their dogs on their property. When dogs roam free and damage property, or attack other animals or humans, it becomes a problem, and the owner is liable. The owner could face criminal charges, as well as be sued in civil court.Law enforcement and the humane society can also seize dogs that attack humans. The dogs can be held, pending a court hearing, to determine if the dog is dangerous or vicious or if it needs to be humanely euthanized.Deputies will issue the dog owner a warning for the first time a complaint is made against their dog for roaming free. The second time, deputies will issue a citation to the owner for dogs not to run at large. Sheriff Mitchell asks every citizen to please keep your dogs tied or penned on your property.


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