Sabine Parish Not Out Of The Woods Yet From Winter Weather Devastation

SABINE PARISH, La – While the worst may be over, we aren’t completely out of the woods yet.

This past week has brought unprecedented winter weather conditions for the state of Louisiana. Due to this, the roads have become impassable, power has been knocked out, pipes have frozen and burst, and hundreds of drivers have either crashed or had to abandon their vehicles throughout the state.

While the worst of the weather conditions are over following last night’s hard freeze, thousands remain without power and water throughout Sabine Parish and so many more are unable to return to work just yet due to the condition of local roads.

The diligent work of linemen and water companies in Sabine Parish along with local law enforcement is inching the area closer to a return to normalcy following a devastating week.

According to a post made by the Town of Many, “all water wells are running and the water plant is running” but due to a leak that has yet to be located water is being lost fast which is affecting overall water pressure for the parish. Citizens of the parish are asked to look out of their windows and see if they notice a water leak anywhere. If found or if a leak is seen anywhere in town locals are asked to call 318-256-3651 or 318-581-7306 and report it.

Pendleton Water has made the following statement as well: Due to the extreme cold weather and many of our customers developing leaks, we have not been able to keep up with the demand. We have had to turn off certain sections of the system to help correct the problem. If you are out of water, please shut your water off at your main valve. If you have neighbors that have vacant camps, ask them to have their main shut off as well. By doing this you will help speed up the process of restoring water to your neighborhood.

Along with watching for water leaks, local LEOs are urging everyone to continue to stay off of the roads as they remain dangerous and now it has been reported that local gas stations are completely out of gasoline, though diesel is still available at this time. There isn’t an exact timeline when the town will have fuel again. If driving is unavoidable, proceed with extreme caution and drive much slower than you typically would.

As more information regarding the local conditions becomes available, we will update. Be sure to follow the Sabine Parish Journal on Facebook for the latest local news regarding this winter storm.

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