Heart Health

By Reba Phelps

The month of February is famous for embodying all matters related to the heart. It is recognized as National Heart Health Month. The ever so romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day, is also celebrated in February. National Wear Red Day is also recognized on the first Friday of the month. Needless to say, it is difficult to let the month go by without paying homage to the beating muscle that resides inside of your chest.

If heart health is a true concern of yours you can even visit heart.org You will see a plethora of health information that covers everything that could possibly go wrong with your heart and how to fix it.

During the month of February many health care facilities will even offer free exams, workshops, and even quizzes so you can calculate your heart health and rid yourself of the dangerous risks associated with not paying enough attention to the beating of your heart.

And, if you do not recognize February as healthy heart month you may fall into the category of celebrating the state of your heart. Your heart could be smitten with a brand new love that you are celebrating for the very first time. Or, your heart could be celebrating the old and familiar love of longtime Valentine. You could also be like many people who avoid Valentine’s Day all together because their heart was broken at some point and they never fully recovered.

Sometimes hearts cannot be trusted because they carry scars that were not caused by genetics or lack of exercise and a healthy diet.

No stone has been uncovered when it comes to the American Heart Association providing health information, they have thought of everything when it comes to tips and tricks to guard your heart. But, there is one disease of the heart that simply cannot be cured by modern medicines, exercise or diet and not many people speak of it. While it seems that there is an endless supply of ways to heal an unhealthy heart found on heart.org, it simply does not offer resolve for a heart of stone. How exactly does one cure a heart of stone?

A stone cold or calloused heart is something that grows gradually through years of emotional aches and pains. It can do extensive eternal damage that often cannot be repaired until it is too late. According to theconversation.com, a study from Concordia University confirms that bitterness can actually affect your metabolism, immune response, organ functions and this can lead to physical disease.

There are many different avenues for the treatment of the health issues caused by the unmanaged heart. You can get your health insurance card ready because there is no shortage of physicians and health coaches just waiting to help you. With the proper care you can make strides in turning your health around in a short amount of time.

However, for the bitter heart, there is one great physician who is waiting to hear from you. There is never a wait for an appointment and you do not have to worry about preferred providers, co-pays or deductibles. He is ready for you to lay your cares, bitterness and worries at his feet. It is normally not cured with just one conversation with him, it takes repeated conversations. Sometimes, multiple times a day. He wants to build that longterm relationship with you and fill your heart with his peace.

He wants to give you joy instead of mourning and beauty instead of ashes. He wants your heart or stone to become one of flesh. He wants you to be healthy and full of love to give others.

“My flesh and heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” – Psalm 73:26

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