By Doug De Graffenried

I know you are busy, and I want to get you back to your life, so this is a short article. Do me a favor, think about these things for just a moment.

Years ago, in seminary, they taught us the adult attention span was 23 minutes. In this digital world the your attention span was by-passed after the first sentence. These are quick. They are in no particular Biblical order.

Jesus threw a Temple tantrum.

Jesus was always borrowing things. He borrowed a boat; borrowed a donkey; borrowed an upper room; borrowed a sepulcher.

Jesus invited himself to supper at Zacchaeus’ house. Jesus invited himself to join the conversation on the Emmaus road. Jesus inserted himself into the political conversation in Jerusalem when he mounted a donkey and rode into the city. Jesus inserted himself into many conversations and situations and His imposition gave each person something they were looking for and a relationship that changed their lives.

Jesus spent too much time with children.

Jesus was a serial procrastinator. On at least two occasions, Jesus was late, and it cost someone his or her life. However, Jesus was always on time. Go figure.

As an infant, Jesus spooked a king. As a child he shocked the theologians 

Jesus comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable.


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