SWEPCO Restoration Update

Below are current outages and information related to the restoration efforts.

SWEPCO Outages @ 3:30pm 06/20/2023

SWEPCO System Wide (Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas): 82,851

Louisiana: 45,248

Shreveport District (NW LA): 43,743

Valley District (Stonewall to Hornbeck: 1,389

Estimated Times of Restoration (95% of Outages Restored):

Shreveport District:  Saturday, June 24 @ 10:00pm

Valley District:  Tuesday, June 20, 2023 @ 10:00pm

Because of the vast damage caused by this storm there will likely be areas where restoration takes longer than published dates.

Crews are making great progress with restoration, and we are currently lodging, feeding, providing laundry service and equipping over 3,000 line workers and tree crews from across the U.S. at multiple locations in Shreveport, Natchitoches and Ruston in Louisiana.

All SWEPCO Substations are now energized and available to provide power to neighborhoods as circuit repair is completed.  Customers who have registered for Text Alerts may receive a text informing them that their power has been restored.  This text is automated as the circuit is brought back on-line.  If faults remain on the line or only a portion of the circuit can be restored safely, some customers who receive a text may not actually be restored.  Please ask that they respond to the text that power is still off or call us at 888-216-3523.

Due to extensive tree damage, some customers may have experienced damage to their weather head or meter structure.  The information below explains what to look for and that it is the customer’s responsibility to repair this damage before we can connect power to the home or business.

Is Your Home Able to Accept Power?

As we continue to make progress to rebuild our energy delivery system, now is the time to determine if your home is ready to accept power.

After any storm passes and when it’s safe to do so, assess damage around your home. Always remember this life-saving rule: keep you and your loved ones away from standing water near wires and appliances and remember to stay away from downed power lines!

Depending on where you find damage, you may need to make several calls to be ready to get power.

SWEPCO cannot connect power to a home or business if there is damage to the service entrance, which is owned by the customer.

Customers need to have a licensed electrician repair this damage before power can be restored.

Homeowners can refer to the graphic (shown) as a handy reference and assess whether any damage to customer equipment is visible.

This could include the metal box that houses SWEPCO’s meter, the “weatherhead” pipe on top of the meter box, the service entrance cables running from the weatherhead through the meter box to the inside panel box, or other related facilities. Similar responsibilities apply to underground service.

If repairs are needed, a professional electrician must first make those repairs before the home can be ready to accept power.

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