Blanchard St Denis Funeral Home – Dottie Clark

The staff and management of Blanchard-St Denis Funeral Home would like to welcome Dottie Clark to their team as their new Prearrangement and Aftercare Specialist.

Dottie’s venture into the funeral business began nine years ago with the passing of her father. Growing up, she remembered him saying that all he wanted to do was live to the age of 90. He achieved his goal, turning 90 in November of 2013, and he passed away the following January.

To honor his service as a veteran of WWII, Dottie, and her family planned to have a military funeral. They thought he had a $25,000 life insurance policy but were devastated to learn that he had aged out of his policy just two months prior, on his 90th birthday. Dottie, along with her three siblings, had to pay for his funeral out of pocket.

After they said their final goodbyes to their beloved father, the only phone call that they got from the funeral home was to pick up his death certificates. There was no condolence call or offer to help with grief management.

This was when Dottie found her calling. She wanted to make sure that people knew the ins and outs of life insurance, and she wanted to make sure that every family who suffered the loss of a family member got a condolence call from the funeral home.

“It amazes me that people don’t realize that you can lose your life insurance if you go into a nursing home,” said Dottie. “Life insurance is considered an asset and, therefore, the state can force you to cash out your life insurance for your living care. Prearranged funerals are exempt from such a procedure because they are fully accepted as a legal asset according to MEDICAID spend down rules. Also, people don’t know that when you buy a prearranged funeral plan from Blanchard-St Denis Funeral Home, the cost is ‘locked in’ for life, and the plans are fully transferrable anywhere in the United States.”

Dottie’s specialty is helping people prearrange and pay for their funerals in advance, saving their families thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses. However, that is not where her job ends. Once a loved one passes away, she follows up with each and every family to make sure that their needs have been met.

No obligation, consultations are available by appointment. Please call Blanchard-St-Denis Funeral Home at 318-357-8271 for details.

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