Tell Your Story: The Big One

By Joshua Webb

This part of my story begins with me recovering from an MS exacerbation that in California earthquake terms was, “The Big One.” One day I was playing in and sponsoring a charity golf tournament, and the next day I was in critical condition. All the doctors would say is it was a result of the stress of being a business owner and the outrageous Texas summer heat and humidity. A perfect storm that almost cost me my life.  Then, the journey began for me to learn not only how to walk again, but how to dress, eat and simply function as a somewhat normal adult. 

Recovering from such a flare took me seriously busting my ass with instructions from a team of incredibly remarkable human beings. First there were two weeks of inpatient therapy, then two months of home health, all led by team of people I will forever be grateful for. The team saw my potential, never pitied me, and cut me zero slack. Zero.  

Since, I’ve had 13 similar, additional hospital stays, then recovery; I’m now only two months out of a wheelchair. Each time I’ve lost my ability to walk, I’ve gotten back on my feet. 

Such flares do quite a number not only on my legs, but the way my heart beats, my speech, and my ability to swallow. They’ve often taken the music making ability from my hands, but not the song from my heart; the last being the hardest for me to overcome, emotionally.

I know what I’m capable of IF I do what it takes and keep myself in the company of quality people: the encouragers, not the loathers. This formula is simple and will work for anyone. We can only achieve our maximum potential IF we have people in our lives who believe and act along with us to the same standards. No pity is allowed in my life, and it shouldn’t be allowed in yours. DO NOT PITY YOURSELF! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! 

As the saying goes in the wonderful state of Texas: If the horse bucks you off, get back on him and try it again! Never give up on yourself or those you love. You need each other’s reinforcement day in and day out. One foot in front of the other. Because all of you matter. You matter!

I’m telling this part of my story with the hope that others will find the bravery within themselves to tell their story too. You are brave. You are not alone. Tell your story because you never know how many lives the telling can change for the better, starting with yours. 

To tell your story here, reach out to me via email at or through my Instagram @you_matter_ms. We look forward to hearing your story.

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