$25 shopping trip

Inflation is high. Something we all see when we go to the gas pumps, grocery store, pay our utility bills etc. Year over year inflation for February was at 7.9% according to the Government. As per Shadow Stats it’s over 16% using the same metrics they used in 1980. This isn’t including Food prices which in some cases are up between 15% and 100% on some items. You may be able to purchase the same items for the same price but if you pay attention, you will see a dramatic decrease in the amount of product you are getting for the same amount of money. For example: Not even a year ago, I purchased a 4 pack of canned chicken, just recently I picked up a 2 pack of canned chicken for one dollar more than I picked up the 4 pack for. The Fed just raised interest rates by .25% (25 basis points) This isn’t going to accomplish anything in the fight for inflation, with the amount of Government debt if it went to where it needs to go to deter inflation the Federal Government couldn’t afford to pay the interest on our debt. Fed Chair J.Powell stated, in his latest statement, that inflation is going to get much worse before it gets better

I won’t devolve into politics, just the facts. Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine produce approximately 12% of the world’s calories, 30% of the world’s wheat and 70% of the world’s cooking oils. Russia produces 90% of fertilizer used throughout the world. The sanctions on Russia, will prevent us from importing fertilizer from Russia and our large industrial farms may have issues in the coming years producing enough food for the American people. This also doesn’t take into account the oil and natural gas that is exported throughout the world (Europe and the USA)

The US has already converted tens of thousands of acres to corn (for ethanol) production. This corn isn’t the best for human consumption. Without wheat/corn the US is no longer the breadbasket of the world.

China has been in talks with Saudi Arabia about purchasing oil for Yuan. If this goes through it will be a huge detriment to the Dominance for the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. We are a debt society, the banks aren’t paying any interest on your savings, bonds aren’t paying any interest to hold onto for 2, 5, 10 or 30 years. We are currently seeing an inversion in the bond market. Basically, a short term bond is paying more interest than a long term bond. Why is this important? This is historically an indicator of an oncoming recession. The government has reduced our GDP forecast to 0.0% and our Debt on the books exceeds 30 trillion dollars. We’ve outsourced our manufacturing to other countries. China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, etc. Again, I won’t get into the politics of this, but it has crippled or left vulnerable the United States. For example, China is now beginning to raise prices (well beyond inflation) on antibiotics and many of the medicines we need daily.

It’s no secret that China and Russia are currently in a quasi-alliance with each other. They are two of the largest countries in the world with vast natural resources. Minerals being one of them. They have both been stockpiling gold and getting rid of US Treasury notes. China has stockpiled 50% of the world’s grain over the last year or possibly more. They both frequently under report the amount of Gold / Silver they hold in their own central banks. Both countries have multiple mines for these resources.

All these things being discussed, create a possibility for a great famine, rise in inflation and possibly the destruction of the West without even firing a shot. That being said, the threat of shots being fired towards the West have already been made by Russia. I wish to help you get prepared a little bit. Things aren’t going to get cheaper. I remember the 70’s and we still had penny candy. 10 cent ice cream cones at McDonalds and gasoline WAY under a dollar a gallon.

A lot of folks can spend a couple of hundred extra dollars a week on necessities and many can’t. I wish to show you how with just $25 extra you can buy 2-4 weeks of food for your family.

Also, when you can buy extra canned goods (they last years longer than the “best buy date”) Buy soups, stews, pasta sauce, pasta, multivitamins, soap, toothbrushes/toothpaste, OTC drugs such as Ibuprofen, aspirin, triple antibiotic ointment, first aid supplies, etc. by doing this and stocking your pantry a bit at a time you may be able to stave off or reduce the upcoming disaster I believe is imminent.

Grow a garden, get with neighbors, and grow a community garden. Learn some skills that have been forgotten. How to can, how to preserve meats via smoking /dehydrating, learn to trap, fish, hunt. If you don’t know these skills there are many in our community that do and can help you, if possible, get chickens. (a small flock of 6 hens can lay enough eggs for a family of four to have 3/day with extra for 2-3 years),. You only need a rooster if you wish to have chicks. rabbits are easy to keep. 2 does and 1 buck can feed your family meat all year long.

Prepare yourself. Get right with your walk with God! Be confident. Stay calm, Don’t panic, become self-sufficient. Spend time with family and friends. Become a group of likeminded people and become prepared.

There are many different scenarios that could play out in the future. The best option is to not live in fear (except of God) but to be ready for what may come. I was always told to expect the worst and hope for the best. I’ve lived through volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, the cold war, 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan and of course the recent pandemic. If you buy some extra food to be prepared and nothing happens, look at it as an investment as food is not going to get less expensive.

Lastly, provide security for your family/community. There will come a time when you may have to.

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