One of the lucky ones, Sadie May, (left) was adopted and is now a much-loved
house dog with good manners and a winning personality. A very young litter of puppies (middle,) found
in Many this week, will most likely not live long enough to be adopted. This momma dog (right) never
had a chance to have her puppies as she was found dead on the side of a street in Many.

A lot of people in Sabine Parish are pet lovers but what happens when you let your dogs and cats run loose? They get hit by cars, have litters of unwanted kittens and puppies, and sometimes end up in the animal shelter where they are euthanized if they are not adopted or transferred out to another rescue agency.

The Town of Many now has two state-licensed Animal Control officers who have picked up 16 dogs and 14 cats since August this year, but they can only work within the Town’s limits. “I hate this part of my job”, said Cecil Jordan, Town of Many Street employee who helps with animal control. “Why do people have animals then let them run loose to get killed on the road or waste away tied up in the yard without food and shelter? It just does not make any sense,” he said sadly.

There were 320 stray dogs and cats from Sabine Parish brought to the Animal Shelter this year. Eighty-one dogs and 7 cats were seized from owners for different reasons and 188 dogs and cats were euthanized. Sadly, only 34 dogs and 24 cats were adopted this year, which is 26 less than last year at this time. What does this mean? It means 86% of animals brought to the shelter in 2021, were not adopted, not reclaimed, and ended up being euthanized because their owners did not take responsibility for them. 

Being a responsible pet owner is more than just providing food, water, and shelter for your dog or cat. They need healthcare, they need shots, they need to be spayed and neutered to prevent pet over-population. Spaying and neutering your dogs and cats is the only way to prevent unwanted litters of animals that don’t get adopted.

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