Drivers in Sabine Parish are Reminded to Follow All Traffic Laws Near School Buses to Keep Kids Safe

Sheriff Aaron Mitchell warned drivers to pay close attention to the traffic laws regarding school buses now that the school year has started. Obeying traffic laws as they relate to school zones and school buses protect more than just other drivers, laws like these exist to protect the children both on and off the school bus. 
According to Stanford Children’s Health, “Children can be injured when riding the bus, getting on or off the bus, or standing near the bus. More than 40 percent of school bus injuries are caused by vehicular accidents, according to a 2006 report by the Center for Innovation in Pediatric Practice (CIPP) in Columbus, Ohio.” While a large percentage of these accidents involve children while still on the bus, Stanford Children’s Health notes that “about 24 percent of injuries involve getting on or off the school bus, according to the CIPP report. Although an average of seven school-age passengers are killed in school bus crashes each year, 19 are killed getting on and off the bus, according to School Transportation News.”
Though the school year has just started, the Sheriff’s Office has already had to make a post to their social media to urge drivers to use extreme caution and follow all traffic laws. The post stated; 
“The Sabine Parish School Board and the Sheriff’s Office have received several complaints already this school year of motorists disobeying school bus warning signs and signals. When a school bus displays yellow warning lights, you are required to slow down and come to a stop. You are required to remained stopped until the buses red warning lights and stop signs are deactivated. School bus drivers and other witnesses will be obtaining vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers of anyone violating these warning signals. Sheriff Aaron Mitchell and his staff will do what it takes to keep your kids safe this school year.” 
The students of Sabine Parish that make up the population of bus riders range in age from kindergarten to seniors in high school. Each and every child deserves to both feel and be completely safe while traveling to and from school. Drivers can do their part by paying close attention to traffic laws, watching for children near schools and in neighborhoods, and respecting the buses as they transport these kids to and from school. 
SOURCE: SPSO & Stanford Children’s Health 

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