Sabine Parish School Board Superintendent Dr. Ebarb Announces Retirement

Please see the following announcement from Dr. Sara P. Ebarb, Superintendent:

After much prayer, deliberation, discussion with my husband and family, I have decided to retire December 31, 2021. My husband is retiring, again, June 30, and he wants me to retire with him. The Lord has blessed me with a long and successful career. There have been some very difficult and challenging times, but most of the time, it has been my joy to be an educator in every capacity in which I have served.

I thank the Caddo Parish School Board for the 28 years I served there. I learned so much that served me well as a superintendent. Caddo gave me opportunities to grow and develop professionally, and afforded me the opportunity to learn from the very best mentors, Albert Hardison, Ollie Tyler and so many others. I made so many friends in Caddo and am forever grateful for my time there.

It is my strong desire to express to the Sabine Parish School Board, Central Staff, Administration and School Staff that it has been the greatest honor of my career to serve as your superintendent. I am so grateful to have been granted this blessed opportunity for 10 years. I have worked with the best board presidents, Buddy Veuleman, Randy Martin, and Terrell Snelling and each one has been supportive and always on the side of what is good and right for our students. The board has a heart for our students and staff and they want Sabine to achieve academically as well as athletically, and in all other extracurricular opportunities. Our board is so proud of their schools and communities and this is paramount for our parish. I am very grateful! Thank you!

I have every confidence that Sabine will continue to be a great district, in spite of obstacles that will come. Sabine has great employees, a fine central staff, excellent administrators, great teachers, and wonderful students! Our parish will continue to do well because the people will do well. I will pray for the next leader and their success, and I thank all staff for their fine work.

I want to thank Sabine Parish for every kindness and support shown to me and to our district, and I want to especially thank Dave Davis at Homeland Security, the Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney, Don Burkett, and his staff, the office of Judge Stephen Beasley, the Police Jury, MPD and Town Council, ZPD and Town Council, local Mayors and local PD’s, Sabine Medical Center, local churches, local businesses

and other community organizations who work closely with and support our schools. Our schools are dependent on their communities and schools are supported in Sabine Parish.

I have always had the best secretaries, and I want to thank Mrs. Barbara Allen (retired), Mrs. Janet Elam (retired) and Mrs. Tammy Luster. They are the most wonderful ladies and I am blessed to have had them in my life.

Finally, I thank my family for supporting me and putting up with me over the last 10 years. Their love and prayers have sustained me. I am so blessed to have been able to watch my nieces and nephews grow up in our schools. I thank the Lord for his guidance, care and blessings beyond measure! I pray the Lord’s continued blessings on the Sabine Parish School District.

It is my desire, and in the best interest of the district, that the board take steps to hire a superintendent in the fall so we have some time to work together and have a seamless transition.

May the Lord bless you all! Thank you!

Mr. Terrell Snelling, President of the Sabine Parish School Board, would like to comment, β€œOn behalf of our school board, I sincerely wish Dr. Ebarb a happy and well-deserved retirement. She has served Sabine Parish well and we will all hate to see her go. We thank her for her dedication to children, staff, and our community!”

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