Officer Rivers of Zwolle PD Receives Taser Certification

The Chief of Police for Zwolle, Louisiana, Daniel Thomas,  would like to offer special recognition and congratulations to one of his officers this week. 

Officer Liam Rivers, of the Zwolle Police Department, completed his taser training and received his taser certification. 

According to Chief Thomas, in order for an officer to carry a taser he has to go through a rigorous training by a certified taser instructor. This consists of watching videos, taking a test on the safety information, and finally, the officer must be tased himself. This is to insure they understand the implications of use when necessary. The hope is that by having this as an option to subdue when needed, the number of officer involved shootings will substantially decrease. 

Newly certified Officer Rivers had this to say on the subject; “the use of force is an uncomfortable truth in the world and the law enforcement of Sabine Parish, and Zwolle, are committed to preserving the life of every person they come across. The taser is an especially useful tool in protecting not just the officer, but the citizen as well. 

The Zwolle Police Department has made strides in progress when it comes to community policing with the goal of action in the community before arrest of its citizens. Officer Rivers certification is just another step toward keeping their beloved town safe and its citizens protected. 

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