Boiled snow crab and shrimp added to menu at Fontenot’s Cajun Cafe

There’s a few new mouthwatering options on the menu at Fontenot’s Cajun Cafe.

Restaurant Owner Ginny Waskom saw a demand for quality boiled snow crab and boiled shrimp in the Natchitoches area.

Ginny has fond memories of going crabbing on Holly Beach as a kid. Blue crab is native to the Gulf of Mexico, but it’s seasonal, so Ginny chose to add snow crab to the menu because it’s more easily available through her sources.

“It’s one of my favorite meals,” she shared. The idea came to her at the beginning of 2020, but then the pandemic hit and she shifted gears to deal with a shift in business operations as deliveries became more common. During this time she also focused on making sure the overall customer experience didn’t suffer as mask, social distancing, and restaurant guidelines were put in place.

“I’m always thinking about ways to expand the menu and I felt now was the time to do it,” Ginny added.

So here’s the deal: You can now order 1lb of boiled snow crab, served up in a bucket with an ear of corn and red potatoes. You can also order 1lb of boiled shrimp in the same fashion, or try a combo plate.

When it came time to choose seasonings, Ginny gave a nod to her family’s origins. “Slap Ya Mama” was crafted and shaped by the flavors and culture of Ville Platte, Louisiana.

Come pass a good time at Fonetenot’s Cajun Cafe and try the boiled shrimp and snow crab. This seafood and BBQ restaurant serves other favorites including Gumbo, Seafood pasta, Po-boys, Fried Seafood platters, BBQ plates and more.

Fontenot’s Cajun Cafe is located at 936 University Pkwy. In Natchitoches. For more information call (318) 238-4227 or go online to Delivery is available through EZ Street and Waitr.

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