Mayor G.J. “Pie” Martinez

ZWOLLE, La – In covering the local dignitaries of Sabine Parish, you’d be hard pressed to find a more beloved town official than Mayor G.J. “Pie” Martinez of Zwolle, Louisiana. Pie has served in a variety of positions both in and out of town government including serving as a member of the La. Loggers Council.

His long career in local government started in 1995 when he ran for the Ward 8 Zwolle seat on the Sabine Parish School Board where he then served two terms and is recognized as a past president. While in office, he saw the renovations and additions of local schools as well as gave vocal support for the alternative school where he was instrumental in obtaining grants for the SPARK program. After retirement in 2002, Pie was still regarded in high esteem by colleagues as a vital voice for the parish schools.

Following his time serving on the school board, Martinez has continued to play important roles is numerous areas of local government, including his notable assistance in the revision of laws in moving logging equipment and the passing of a law allowing people with vision in one to be able to drive a tractor-trailer in Louisiana.

In 2010 G.J. “Pie” Martinez officially ran for the title of Mayor after much encouragement from the town of Zwolle and was subsequently elected to the position he serves still today with the same enthusiasm and passion as his first day in office.

Even after holding multiple prestigious titles, being honored in local festivals, named King of the 2018 Zwolle Tamale Fiesta, this lifetime local to Zwolle and beloved Mayor has remained humble and kind. After speaking briefly with Mayor Martinez, he was honored to be recognized and thankful for the time. Regardless of the title or the time served, one thing is for sure; C.J. “Pie” Martinez gives every position his all and believes fully in his much loved hometown.


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