Interim Chief of Police for Many is Cheryl Wooley

She was approved by a unanimous vote of the city council after Mayor Ken Freeman nominated her. She will be the first female chief of police in the town’s history and will serve until after a chief is elected in April and sworn in later.

Mayor Freeman said Wooley is well qualified, having served in Oklahoma for 11 years as an agent for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics where she worked state and federal narcotics investigations.

Wooley graduated from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. She went straight to work for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

In 1999, she left the agency and went to the Oklahoma Dept of Human Services and stayed until 2012 working child abuse and sexual abuse investigations becoming a supervisor in 2008. Wooley currently serves as president of the Board of Directors of Project Celebration.

Freeman pointed out that she met two legal requirements. She has been a resident in Many for more than a year and she has also been a registered voter in Many for more than a yar.

“ We are fortunate to have Mrs Wooley agree to serve because she is so well qualified with lots of years of experience in the fields of narcotics and domestic abuse situations,” said Freeman.

Cheryl Wooley is the wife of Donnie Wooley of Many.

PHOTO: Mayor Ken Freeman,  Interim Police Chief Cheryl Wooley,  Assistant Chief of Police Kyle Cook.

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