The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office Announces New Smartphone App

Sabine Parish Sheriff Aaron Mitchell is excited to announce the release of a smartphone ap
plication. This app will serve as a new way for the sheriff’s office to connect with Sabine Parish residents and visitors, providing information quickly and efficiently to anyone with a smartphone.

The app offers quick access to items of public interest and is easy to use. In just a few clicks, users can:

Receive instant push notifications
Submit a tip
View sex offenders
Search for current inmates
View Sabine Parish’s most wanted
Connect to the organization’s social media platforms
Read the latest news and press releases

The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office mobile app was created by, a division of OCV, LLC, which specializes in mobile app development for sheriff’s offices and public safety organizations across the country.

“Over 80 percent of people in the United States own and use smartphones as their primary means of communication,” OCV Vice President Kevin Cummings said. “Mobile apps offer agencies a better way to alert, inform and prepare the public. Apps allow public safety agencies the ability to reach and serve their citizens where they are: their smartphones.”

The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office mobile app is available for download for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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