If Our Sacred Vote is Lost, America Will Fail

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

Yes, it is that serious. The hallmark of a legitimately functioning democracy in a free society is the honest exercise of the voting franchise by its citizens. Period. If people become convinced that their vote—the most powerful tool they possess to express themselves, their policy preferences, and to participate in our civic life—is not valued and protected, the rule of law will crumble. And when the rule of law is gone what results is chaos, anarchy, and the law of the jungle. Many people in this country already feel powerless and disconnected and if the hope and faith they place in their vote—their voice—is corrupted and destroyed, our nation cannot endure.

That is why what we have and are learning about the presidential election is so deeply disturbing. If even a fraction of the sworn affidavit testimony and other allegations that have surfaced since Election Day are true, this is the largest, most well-organized, and destructive fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. Win at all costs has costs and if this “election” is not challenged, fixed, and reversed we will have irreparably damaged our country. Americans may be disappointed with an outcome but if they feel the contest was conducted freely and fairly, they will accept it. But not if they believe it was rigged and stolen. Election officials are public officials, and they owe an honest accounting to the citizens they serve that their work was done according to law and with proper safeguards.

Perhaps the most upsetting thing is that we don’t know where to turn for justice. We now know most national media is highly partisan and no longer primarily concerned with pursuing objective, verifiable truth. In the past we would have relied on the FBI, but that agency’s leadership and moral authority have been compromised in the eyes of many Americans. The Department of Justice? Do we really have faith the DOJ would put America’s interests—and we the people—first, or is it also irredeemably politicized? Are there any federal agencies left that unquestionably put America’s interest first? Perhaps the U.S. Supreme Court will restore the constitutional order.

Jefferson wrote powerfully in the Declaration of Independence that government derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed” and when government no longer serves its essential purpose in protecting and preserving the freedoms and liberties of our citizens—our unalienable rights—it must be “altered or abolished.” In fact, it is our right and duty to “throw off such government…”

If this apparent theft of a national election is allowed to stand, it may spark the second American revolution. The great Silent Majority in this country, including the 73 million Americans who voted for President Trump, are simply not going to tolerate this. We should continue to pray for our nation and speak out demanding that justice be done—which includes continuing this investigation until every legal vote is counted, correctly and transparently.

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