Two Area Lawmakers Recognized by LABI

The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry has recognized two of the area’s members of the legislature in conjunction with LABI’s Free Enterprise Awards. They are Senator Louis Bernard and Representative Gabe Firment.

LABI’s CEO Stephen Waguespack said, “During these sessions( regular and special legislative sessions), we saw a broad coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents come together to support smart, pro-business measures.” Waguespack continued, “Their work will both help our economy begin to recover from the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic and multiple hurricanes, as well as start the process of breaking down the persistent barriers to business growth that have held Louisiana back for decades.”

A record 69 legislators (nearly 50 percent of the entire body) were named as “Most Valuable Policymakers” (MVPs), scoring a perfect 100 percent on bills important to LABI and the state’s business community during both sessions. Bernard and Firment were noted as members of the group.

House District 22 representative Firment said, “I was honored to be recognized as a “Most Valuable Policymaker” Thursday evening at the LABI Free Enterprise Awards. The award was given to representatives and senators who scored a perfect 100 percent on bills important to the state’s business community. As your District 22 state representative I will always recognize the importance of creating an environment where businesses small and large can prosper and succeed.”

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