As Christian As I Am…

By Reba Phelps

Being a Christian is not synonymous with being perfect. One of the most painful statements that I hear, all too often, and will unfortunately cause my eyes to roll slightly towards the North is, “I thought they were a Christian”.

When horrendous or shocking mistakes are made this is the first thing that most will mention and possibly judge you for. If you are a Christian, how could this happen? Were they not raised in church?

As Christian as I am, I am simply not perfect and that fact becomes more evident every single day. Knowing that I am not perfect does not stop me from trying to live a more Christlike existence. For too many seasons of my life I tried to be as perfect as every good Christian that I saw on TV or sat beside on a beautifully padded church pew. Perfection and I just never went hand in hand.

As Christian as I am, I will sometimes get angry and say things that I don’t mean.

As Christian as I am, I will still have bad day or two. Or three, topped off with a pity party.

As Christian as I am, I have still used swearwords when things go awry or in morning school traffic.

As Christian as I am, on occasion, I may still drink too many glasses of wine with a mild dose of guilt every time.

As Christian as I am, sometimes I am unappreciative when I should be giving thanks.

As Christian as I am, it does not mean I have the Bible memorized and can quote scripture verbatim.

As Christian as I am, I sometimes still forget to put others before myself.

As Christian as I am, I have remind myself to forgive and forget.

As Christian as I am, I am not a perfect giver or tither.

As Christian as I am, I don’t always take care of my temple the way I should.

As Christian as I am, I don’t always attend Sunday School and Church. Sometimes I forsake the assembling of ourselves.

As Christian as I am, I will forever know that God has changed my life and I have a faith and hope imbedded so deep within my soul that no one can take from me. The promises found in the Bible will forever be written on the tablet of my heart. This is how your life changes.

Becoming a Christian does not buy you a problem-free life or a guarantee that everything will be pain-free. Becoming a Christian gives you a place to take refuge when life throws you the unanticipated curve balls. It doesn’t mean that you will handle every situation the same way Christ did. It means that you are forgiven. Truly forgiven and filled with hope.

Being a Christian means knowing that his mercies are new every morning like small rays of light piercing through the very darkest of nights.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning, get is your faithfulness” Lamentations 3:22-23

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