Movies in Many – “The Quiet Man”

Quiet Man

Join us on Saturday, March 17th at 7 pm for a free showing of “The Quiet Man” at the Many Community Center!

The Duke, (Sean) knowing he has a special talent in the “Art of Boxing”, prefers to be called a coward & possibly lose the “Love of His Life” than possibly taking another life by his unheralded talent as a boxer! Meanwhile, Does O’Hara have an Ulterior Motive for Love? Or is it True Hollywood Conniving? Is it her Pockets she wants filled or her Heart? You decide which? Does Sean, after taking so much, feel good after that first punch to Will? Or do you see any remorse at all? You decide which?

Rated G. Admission is free. Drinks and popcorn only $1 each.

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