MidSouth Bank is once again “spreading the love”

Sabine Parish Journal-560x392_Spread the Love
MidSouth Bank is once again “spreading the love” on their Facebook page where each day in February they post about something they love. Several days throughout the month followers have had a chance (and still do) to take action for a chance to win a prize. So far, we have given away over 150 prizes including $100 to Girl Scout Troop 540 in Zwolle and $50 to the Sabine Parish 4-H, not to mention the many individual winners from all over Sabine Parish. If you want to have a chance to win upcoming prizes, like our page and watch for our daily Spread the Love posts for instructions. We have 4 more giveaways coming up.

Remember, banking is so much more than just making loans and taking deposits. We want you to think of much more when you see a MidSouth Bank sign or logo. We want you to think of the PEOPLE working each day who are not only your trusted banking partners, but also your neighbors, fellow committee members and community volunteers. Our commitment to our communities means so much to us; it’s why we are involved in business, social, civic and charitable initiatives, expanding our model of community involvement in ways big and small all year long.

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