Mark your calendar for Happy Hours Photography Classes

Sabine Photography Classes


Talented professional photographer Teresa Hunter is the instructor for the Happy Hours photography classes that will begin at the Many Depot Museum on Saturday, March 3.

Hunter, who lives in Leesville, is widely recognized for her creative approach to photography. She especially likes to photograph animals, landscapes and people for portraits.

Hunter will teach four classes. The first is on March 3. The other three classes are on April 7, May 5, and June 2. The classes, sponsored by the Many Cultural District, Mayor Ken Freeman, and the Depot Art Guild, will meet at the depot and will last from 1-4 p.m

Classes are $25 per class. However, if a student enrolls for all four classes and pays in full at the March 3 class, the cost goes down to $80 for all classes. Hunter is encouraging photography students to sign up for all four classes because as she says, “Each class builds on the previous class, and you’ll get so much more if you take all of the classes.”

Here is the schedule for each class.

Lesson 1: March 3

History of photography
Basic camera fundamentals
Kinds of photography
Seeing for photography
Assignment for next lesson
Bring one example of photography that you love.
Bring one example of a photo taken using things learned in Lesson
Lesson 2: April 7

Learning the basics
ISO, F-Stop and shutter speeds
Camera settings
File types and sizes
Assignment for Lesson 3
Bring examples of photography using High and Low ISO, High and Low
F-Stop, examples of fast and low shutter speed
Lesson 3: May 5

Basic Rules of Composition
Backgrounds. What’s in Your Shot?
Posing and working with people
Assignmentfor Lesson 4
Bring example of one photo using at least one rule of composition
Bring an example of one photo with someone posed and explain why you posed them the way you did
Lesson 4: June 2

Overview of Entire Course
Class Show of Your Best Work
Interested students should call Hunter at 337-396-6750 for more information and to reserve a place in the classes.

Hunter moved with her family to Leesville when her husband was stationed at Ft. Polk. Upon his retirement from the Army, the family had put down roots and decided to live in Leesville permanently.

Hunter became interested in photography when an uncle from her home state of Florida encouraged her to go for her dream of becoming a professional photographer. He also gave her a comprehensive set of cameras and lenses and added more to her collection over the years. It was his belief in her talent and his encouragement throughout her formative years that gave her the strength and will to advance her photography skills into a career.

The Cultural District Advisory Committee members and the Art Guild are excited to add photography as a Happy Hours Class and think it will make a strong addition to the curriculum With the addition of photography, Happy Hours creative classes are taught the first, second, third and fourth weekends of each month.

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