ADVANCE Celebrates 30 Years of Academic Excellence



Northwestern State University’s ADVANCE Program for Young Scholars is now accepting applications for qualified students. Proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary, ADVANCE is a collaborative program with Duke University’s Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) and Northwestern State.

ADVANCE is a three-week residential program administered by NSU from July 8 – 28 and offers a demanding and exciting curriculum for gifted or talented students who are currently in grades 7–11. The learning environment at the program motivates and challenges students to set them on a path toward a lifetime of high academic achievement.

Students enroll in a single course for three weeks of in-depth study. They attend 106 hours of class and cover an entire year’s worth of high school material or a semester of college level material. Course offerings include the humanities, mathematics, natural sciences with laboratory components and computer programming.

While the academic program at ADVANCE is top-notch, the residential program sets ADVANCE apart from other similar summer programs. The residential staff offers a wide variety of social and recreational activities to assist students in forming lasting friendships, strengthen the ADVANCE community and help all students have a great time. Last year, ADVANCE drew students from throughout Louisiana and six other states.

Admittance to ADVANCE is based on minimum ACT or SAT scores. If students have not taken an ACT or SAT, or their scores did not meet or surpass ADVANCE’s eligibility criteria, they may apply through the program’s Alternate Admissions Policy.

Dependents of NSU employees from all campuses receive a $250 tuition reduction.

Those who attended the program maintain a deep loyalty toward ADVANCE and want other prospective students to be aware of it. Former ADVANCE student and staff member Vera Herbert made a video that may be viewed at “I just wanted to make a video to show everybody that ADVANCE is an awesome place and that three weeks can really be the catalyst that can change your life, ” said Herbert, who served as the teaching assistant for the ADVANCE film studies class for four years and is a writer and producer for the hit NBC show This Is Us.

For further information visit or call (318) 357-4500.

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