Public Assistance Request from the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Department

Surveillance Database1

The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Department is creating a data base of active video surveillance cameras that are facing public roadways and public places. This data base will be used for Law Enforcement purposes only. If you have a video surveillance camera at your residence and/or business and you would be willing to be put into this data base please contact us. These resources will only be used in the event of a crime in the location of the camera and of course they will request the consent of the homeowner to view their camera or to receive any digital data.

If you have several cameras at your business/residence and you can re-position one camera to face a public roadway this would be greatly appreciated. They are seeking the help and cooperation from the residents of Sabine Parish in order to make our Parish as safe as possible. If you are willing to participate you can provide your name, phone number and address to the list by emailing them at or you can provide the information through a private message to their Facebook page. Additionally, written forms can be obtained at the Sabine Parish Sheriff’ Office Dispatch or C.I.D. Office.

Any questions regarding this program can be directed to Detectives at the Criminal Investigations Division at 318-590-9475.

Surveillance Database

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