Zwolle Tamale Fiesta unveils 2017 Commemorative Poster

SPJ-Zwolle Poster 4

The Zwolle Tamale Fiesta Association unveiled their 2017 Commemorative Poster Sept. 14 at the fesival grounds activity building. The 2017 Fiesta Royalty, Visiting Queens, local dignataries, and friends of the Fiesta attended the event. The poster committee was honored to have the 2017 Poster Sponsors, Anna Garcie Cash and Michael Cash present. The artist Richelle Dorris, who was born in Shreveport and raised in Hornbeck, LA by her parents Toni and Richard Doris, shared her excitement about her participation in the Poster Project.

An authentic George Rodrique “Blue Dog” was awarded in a 52 card raffle. Some of the artwork auctioned off was the original poster, the number 1 poster and the 32nd Anniversary poster. After the auction posters were revealed, the auction began for the participants from local business and a few festival friends.

The Tamale Fiesta Committee would like to thank Anna Garcie Cash and Michael Cash for sponsoring the poster this year as well as bidding to purchase the number one poster. The Tamale Fiesta Committee would also like to express appreciation to Lisa Sonnier for bidding on the original poster and donating it back to be auctioned again. Thanks goes out to Harold Stewart who bid and purchased the Original Poster. Also winning the bid was Don and Virginia Burkett for the Anniversary poster. Again, the committee would like to thank everyone in attendance who continue to support the festival. Last, but not least, a HUGE thank you goes out to Richelle Dorris for creating the 2017 Commemorative Poster.

SPJ-Zwolle Poster

Photo Credit: Phyllis Lehr

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