Mr. and Miss Sabine Parish 4-H winners announced

Sabine queens 7

We at the Sabine Parish Journal want to congratulate all of the participants in the Mr. And Miss Sabine Parish 4-H Interviews. Winners are as follows:

Senior King: Ja’Darius Williams from Zwolle High School
Junior High King: Jackson Beasley from Negreet High School

High School Queen: Lora Peace from Negreet High School
Junior High Queen: Matea Whittington from Zwolle High School
Elementary Queen: Sarah Kate Green from Florien Elementary School
Cloverbud Queen: MacKinleigh Knippers from Florien Elementary School

Ja’Darius Williams and Lora Peace will each be awarded with a $500 scholarship upon graduation. Contestants will be given trophies and certificates at the end of the year’s award ceremony.

We would also like to congratulate the winners of the 2017 Youth Baking Contest.

The winners in the Cloverbud Division are:

Sugar Cookies
1st: Mya Ferguson
2nd: Branson Merriman
3rd: Chloe Clark

Chocolate Chip
1st: RyLeigh Morales
2nd: Mya Ferguson
3rd: Zoey Chavez

Peanut Butter
1st: Mya Ferguson
2nd: Chloe  Clark
3rd: Braylee Veuleman

The winners for the 4th-6th Grade Division are:

Cookie Bars
1st: Josey Parler
2nd: Aiden Freeman
3rd: Caleb Corley

Blueberry Muffins
1st: Marcus Davis
2nd: Saylor Fitch
3rd: Madelyn Wilson

Tea Cakes
1st: Cash Sepulvado
2nd: Patrick Parrie
3rd: Preslee Sepulvado

M&M Cookies
1st: Emily Eason
2nd: Selena Ebarb
3rd: Randi Jo Kelly

Chocolate Cookies
1st Addison Martin
2nd Sara Kate Booker
3rd Maliyah McCoullough

The winners for the 7th and 8th Grade Division are:

Decorated Cookies
1st Alyah Markham
2nd Collin Canik
3rd Karley Martinez

Lemon Cookies
1st Max Martinez
2nd Ariel Sepulvado
3rd Blayne Dillard

1st Kagan Sandel
2nd Grace Manuel
3rd Maggie Walker

Thumbprint Cookies
1st Lilly Rains
2nd Karley Martinez
3rd Allison Russell

Oatmeal Cookies
1st Jaeger Ebarb
2nd Tyler Gibbs
3rd Navy Britt

Pecan Pie Bars
1st Presley Pleasant
2nd Hannah Hippler
3rd Matea Whittington

The winners for the 9-12th Grade Division are:

Sugar Cookies
1st: Shemar Carhee
2nd Jaycee Limon
3rd Joseph Hinds

Chocolate Chip
1st Caleb Pilkington
2nd Aiden Martinez
3rd Lilly Rivers

Peanut Butter Cookies
1st Madison Mulligan
2nd Tristaan Ross
3rd Kelsie Etheridge

1st Bailey Leone
2nd Emily Ferguson
3rd Cheyenne Pilkington

Funfetti Cookies
1st Millie Tarver

Shortbread Cookies
1st Joely Vines

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