Elliot Electric Supply employees compete in ‘Battle on the Border’

By Brooke Shirley

SPJ-Elliott 2017-3


Elliot Electric Supply hosted their 4th Annual Battle on the Border this past Saturday and Sunday at Cypress Bend. Registration was held Saturday where each team was required to sign in and officially enter the tournament. Each team was assigned a team number and given credentials for weigh-in.

This event was exclusive to customers and employees of the company so multiple vendors were present with booths set up showcasing their new products and some even provided food and beverages. Everyone who entered had their name put into a drawing for numerous door prizes ranging from a depth finder to t shirts.

The tournament started at 6:30 a.m. and ended at 3 p.m. on Sunday. Each team couldn’t exceed four fish in their possession at any time during the event. The contestants were allowed to have three for Biggest Stringer and one for Trash Fish. The three winning categories were: Biggest Stringer, Biggest Bass, and Biggest Trash Fish.

Billy Elliott was very excited and said, “I’m glad we are able to host this event each year and give back to our customers, as well as vendors and employees, to really show them how much we appreciate everything that they do.”

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