Sabine Parish to hold Trash Bash Sept. 30

Sabine Parish - Trash 2017
Sabine Parish is on a mission — to clean up trash and litter throughout the parish.
The big trash bash day will be Saturday, Sept. 30 from 8 a.m. until 10  p.m.  Church groups, civic groups, sports teams, 4-H groups, co-workers, family  and friends can join in to keep Sabine clean.
Linda Curtis-Sparks, director of the Sabine Parish Tourist Commission, said that tourists visiting the parish sometimes complain about the litter along the roadways. She said it creates a bad impression and can have an negative impact on tourism. She thinks having a cleaner parish will positively affect the number of tourists who visit Sabine Parish.
Several committees have been working hard since March to educate everyone in the parish about litter and how it damages the image of the parish, creates health hazards, is harmful to wild life, and has a negative impact on the environment.

The Educational Committee for Children, headed by Deb Pennington, has been presenting  programs to all 4th grade classes in the parish schools.  The program is funded by the Toledo Bend Lake Association. Presentation manpower is provided by the Rotary Club and other volunteers.  Children learn about the negative aspects of litter, what litter is, how wild animals can be trapped and disabled by litter, what the effects on the environment are, how litter affects everyone, and what kids can do to prevent littering by setting a good example and volunteering for litter pick-up events.  Other members of the committee are Sheriff Ronny Richardson, Bill Thomas, Geri Alford and Sarah Ebarb.

The Educational Committee for Local  Adults, with members Matthew Couvillion, Jim Mifflin, Mandy Cathy, Warren Founds, Mare Gore, and Suzanne Williams  presented information to groups in the parish including churches, civic clubs, hunting clubs, fishing clubs, volunteer fire departments, business groups, and at City Council meetings. It was also their suggestion to have a parish-wide trash pick-up day.

Other committee  groups that have been working hard to teach people about cleaning up Sabine Parish  include an  Educational Committee for Businesses, an Educational Committee for Tourists, and an Educational Committee for Government Officials.

September 30 and the Sabine Parish Trash Bash are fast approaching, and volunteers to help out are still needed.  For more information on how you or your group can help, please contact Linda Curtis Sparks at 318-332-8240 or Deb Pennington at 318-315-2448.

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