Muscadines in Marthaville


By Donna Dyson Horn

Muscadine 2 HORN (3)

Ronald Rains of Marthaville never stops. He is constantly on the move and is always working. But work is something he has done all of his life. After 45 years in the oil field, he retired and has been going strong ever since. Between farming and raising cattle, he has taken on a new project and that is raising muscadines.

I had just made it in from work one evening when Ronald drove up at my house and wanted me to do a story on his muscadines. Long story short, I loaded up and headed out to 3825 Highway 487, right out of Marthaville to see what he was talking about.

When I drove up to his house, he told me to just keep on driving. I did and what I drove up on was a nice fenced in, beautiful and healthy muscadine orchard. Ronald started showing me around and telling me about his plants that he ordered from the state of Georgia. He started this around 4 years ago and has been selling them for the last 3 years. All of these plants have a name: there is Darlene, Janet, Big Red, Scarlett and Ison.

Not only did I get to meet all of these plants and take pictures of them, I also was able to find out just how good these muscadines are for us. They can boost our heart function and promote a healthy heart, help to reduce or balance Cholesterol Levels, help regulate blood pressure, boost the immune system, protect against mild memory loss and reduce signs of aging. We all need the last one! Another thing is that they are also an excellent source of dietary fiber. Another plus we need.

One thing about it, red wine, red grape and grape seeds are fantastic! With these grapes, you can make plenty of wine and lots of canned jelly. One gallon of muscadines is equal to around four pints of jelly. With one glass of wine during or after supper, think of all the benefits you will receive from it, plus you might get a little buzz from it and sleep better. (Thought I would throw that part in.)

Now I bet you are wondering just where can you find these big, plump muscadines. You can call Ronald Rains at 472-8888 or 663-3005. The price is $8 a gallon if you pick and $10 a gallon if he picks. He will deliver, if it’s not too far out. You can’t beat that!

Don’t think on this for too long. I wanted to know about how much longer these will be available and he told me about two more weeks. Another thing, muscadine jelly is good on so many things, one thing is steak. Ronald told me that you would be surprised on how good it is!

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