A Message from Zwolle Chief of Police

As The Chief Of Police of Zwolle, I would like to inform you all that I have reached out to the State Police and ATF (ALCOHOL TOBACCO and FIREARMS) Task Force Officers for to assist our department in investigating the shootings we been having in our community. As your Chief it’s my responsibility to keep the citizens of this town safe. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted on the federal level. See the response email below and please share!
Chief Thomas and Assistant Chief Bennett, this official email is in response to ZPD and the citizens of Sabine Parish request for Federal and State assistance with the crime in Zwolle.
The cases my partner and I reviewed in Zwolle this last week are alarming. The incidents I checked exposed a severe violent crime situation in the town of Zwolle. I understand that Zwolle is a small department reaching out for help protecting its citizens.
After further investigation into the cases, you presented to our office. I have decided to pass the two cases on to our VCAT (VIOLENT CRIME ABATEMENT TEAM) team to investigate further. I’m also informing you that the two cases will be presented to our ATF (ALCOHOL TOBACCO and FIREARMS) Task Force Officers for Federal Prosecution.
I plan to provide you with the resources your department needs to assist with the violent crime situation in Zwolle. As agreed, several other Agents will be frequenting Zwolle and placing resources in place to combat the Zwolle, Louisiana, crime issue.
All the cases we plan to prosecute should be securely placed in a secure location. This is to keep the documents from being tampered with and or destroyed. All documents that are touched physically must be logged and signed by the personnel handling the documents. However, the documents are still public records unless a court requests them to be sealed.
We are also placing resources that we cannot share with anyone. This is to combat any doubt and or integrity issues in the area. These resources will help identify any criminal activity in the areas that appeared to be serious crime areas. This also includes several public properties.
This is the best way to assist Zwolle without interjecting the citizens of Zwolle due to possible retaliation upon citizens. I have informed the Sheriff of Sabine Parish that our agencies will be in Sabine Parish.
Also, remember I have scheduled a meeting in Alexandria with your department, the Sheriff’s Office, and several other Agencies on May 30 at 1,000 hours.

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