4H Cookery Contest Sabine Parish: February 20

Sabine Parish 4-H will hold a Commodity Cookery Contest on Monday, Feb. 20 at the Sabine Parish Extension Office.
Check-In: 1-1:30 am. Judging Begins at 2 pm.
Division Rules
1. You may enter only 1 dish in each division…sweet potato, rice, and pecan.
2. Age Divisions are 4th -5th graders, 6th -8th graders, & 9th -12th graders.
3. The dish must be cooked and transported on ice in a closed “Tupperware” type disposable container with a hard top.
• Rice Commodity
Dish must contain a minimum of one (1) cup of cooked rice.
Wild rice is NOT cultivated rice in Louisiana and should not be used for this contest. Dishes containing rice products such as rice cereal, rice flour, etc. must still contain 1 cup of cooked rice to accompany the other products. Rice Krispie treats do not meet contest requirements. Examples: Jambalaya, Fried Rice, Rice Pudding, Rice-Stuffed Bell Peppers, etc.
• Sweet Potatoes Commodity
Dish must contain a minimum of one (1) cup fresh, frozen, or canned sweet potatoes.
Examples: Baked Sweet Potato, Sweet Potatoes Bisque/Soup, Sweet Potato Cupcakes, Sweet Potato Scones, etc.
• Pecans Commodity
Dish must contain a minimum of one (1) cup of pecans.
Examples: Roasted Pecans, Pecan Pie, Sugared Pecans, Pecan-crusted Chicken, Pecan Pralines, etc.
The Recipe: 20 Possible Points
Recipe Rules
The recipe should include the following parts:
A. Name of Recipe
1. Your name, school, grade, and dish category should be on the back of your recipe.
B. List of ingredients in order used in instructions
1. No abbreviations are used
· Measurements should be spelled out.
· EX: tsp = teaspoon
2. No brand names are used
· Tony Chachere’s = Cajun seasoning
· Velvetta Cheese = Pasteurized cheese
· Rotel Tomatoes = Diced tomatoes with green chilies
3. Include the size and weight of cans, packages, etc.
4. Specific measurements stated
· For example, do not say “small onion” instead say “1/2 cup chopped onion”
· For example, do use the say “salt/pepper” to taste, use specific measurements
C. Instructions for combining ingredients
1. Clear instructions for every step of combining and cooking the ingredients
· Cannot say “mix all ingredients” or “mix ingredients 1-5” in the recipe directions. Must list all ingredients in order of use that is in the ingredient list in the directions.
2. Short, clear, concise sentences
3. Correct food preparation terms to describe the combining and cooking process
4. Size of bakeware, cookware, and serving dishes stated
· For example state pan size used such as “13 x 9” or “9 x 9”
· Skillet size used such as “12-inch skillet”
· Do not have to list mixing bowl sizes
5. Temperature and cooking time stated
· For example, do not say “chill” instead say “chill for 20 minutes”
6. Number of servings
7. Total preparation time
D. Dish meets contest and division rules/requirements
E. Other Rules/Tips
1. If using prepared packaged items such as gravy mix, cake mix etc. must list ingredients needed to prepare and instructions for preparation.
2. If using sausage, be sure to list cooking method in directions
3. The food should be exhibited in a normal-sized container not to exceed 18” to allow adequate space for all entries. You will be asked to remove items not directly related to the dish such as placemats, flower arrangements, and figurines. Non-edible items are not to be used as garnish.
No serving utensils will be allowed.
Scoring Criteria:
Taste: 70 possible points
• Does the finished dish have a flavor that appeals to most people?
• Do the flavors blend well together?
The appearance of Dish: 10 possible points
• Does the finished dish look appetizing?
• Is the product cooked correctly, or does it appear to be burnt?
Bonus Additions: 10 possible points if submitted
• Instruction pictures – at least 3 pictures must be submitted with the 4-H member completing the instructions given in the recipe.
Examples: stirring the pot of cooking beef, chopping vegetables, mixing pie ingredients.
• Finished Product pictures – at least 2 pictures must be submitted of the completed dish. One picture can be the finished product as a whole and one picture needs to be a plated portion. Example: picture of the whole casserole in the dish and one picture of the casserole served on the plate ready to eat.
• Dish Summary – A paragraph summarizing the 4-H member’s experience must be submitted with recipes and pictures. Minimum of 5 sentences! Does not have to be typed, but the writing does need to be legible. Examples of things to include are challenges the 4-H member had while completing the dish, skills they have learned, and why they have chosen that specific recipe.
• Does the summary follow general paragraph standards? Example: Introduction sentence, 3 body sentences, and a conclusion sentence.
• Garnishments and added extra decorations will not be factored into scoring.

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