Message from the Mayor: Water Quality

Recently, the Town of Many has been aware of water related concerns. Discoloration, higher than normal chlorine smell were the two most common complaints. I’m not a chemist or water operator, but I do know you have the best water employees working for you day in and day out.
A vacuum leak was discovered on July 26 at the elevated water tank on Hwy 6. Because of this, we were over correcting with chlorine, hence the stronger smell. I can confidently report that the water was tested, after the vacuum leak was repaired, and your water tested perfectly!
Now on to the discoloration in some residents water. We have experienced some of the hottest temps in recent memory. When our water lines and pipes are subject to these high temps, residue can appear. It’s perfectly safe, just an annoyance. I apologize for any inconveniences, and please know we are working around the clock to keep your water safe! Thank you for your time this evening.
-Robert Hable

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