Sabine High School Revitalization Project

It takes a village to raise a child, but it will take the whole Many community to bring the Sabine High School facility back to life so it can be repurposed to:

Create a recreational center for youth, seniors, and the whole community

Provide after school tutoring

Provide daycare for before and after school

Produce fine art classes and activities

Develop partnerships with medical facilities within an 80 mile radius to address health care issues

Provide job training to address the unemployment rate of 10 percent- four percentage points above the state’s average

Memorialize and celebrate the rich history created by Sabine High School from pre-1958 to 1970

This gem in the northwestern region of Louisiana has a rich cultural heritage, but a poor facade that needs an investment of $3.5 million to renovate and bring back as a cultural beacon of hope for citizens, the youth, of the region.

The level of poverty is slightly above 50 percent, income growth is constrained due to low hourly wages, and job growth is concentrated in low-wage jobs. In Sabine Parish, the cost of living exceeds the availability of income. With slim local resources, this beloved school facility needs to be restored to become an essential venue for the Parish.

School History: 

On March 7, 1918, through an Act of Donation from the 12th District, a 4.608 acre tract in Sabine Parish, Many, LA was donated for the building of Sabine High School, also formerly Many Junior High School, and in this summary, the Property. From 1958 to 1970 Sabine School was the educational center for African American students in grades 1-12. From 1970-2001 the facility housed the Many Jr. High School.

In 2001, the facility was left to deteriorate.

On October 10, 2002, Sabine Parish School Board conveyed back to the 12th District in accordance with the provisions of that certain Act of Donation, inasmuch said Property is no longer being used as a public school. During the days of legal segregation, this school was responsible for sending hundreds of students to college and through-out the world.

A New Beginning: 

In 2020, the school was declared a historical site by the U.S. Department of Interior and posted on the National Register.

On October 12, 2021, the 12th District granted approval to incorporate a new entity to manage the revitalization project of the now historic Sabine High School. SHSRP Management Group, Inc. was incorporated on November 2, 2021, with a leadership team composed of former alumni, family, and friends, and have full authority to manage the day to day operations necessary for the revitalization of Sabine High School.

Calling all Alumni, friends, citizens, and volunteers to join the “Beacon Brigade.” If you have benefitted at any time in the history of the school, or you see the hope of benefitting from its transformation to an important Community Center, help the revitalization project with a generous tax-deductible donation made to SHSRP Management Group, which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Federal Tax ID: 873448620

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