Sabine Parish School Board Superintendent Dr. Ebarb Announces Retirement

Please see the following announcement from Dr. Sara P. Ebarb, Superintendent:

After much prayer, deliberation, discussion with my husband and family, I have decided to retire December 31, 2021. My husband is retiring, again, June 30, and he wants me to retire with him. The Lord has blessed me with a long and successful career. There have been some very difficult and challenging times, but most of the time, it has been my joy to be an educator in every capacity in which I have served.

I thank the Caddo Parish School Board for the 28 years I served there. I learned so much that served me well as a superintendent. Caddo gave me opportunities to grow and develop professionally, and afforded me the opportunity to learn from the very best mentors, Albert Hardison, Ollie Tyler and so many others. I made so many friends in Caddo and am forever grateful for my time there.

It is my strong desire to express to the Sabine Parish School Board, Central Staff, Administration and School Staff that it has been the greatest honor of my career to serve as your superintendent. I am so grateful to have been granted this blessed opportunity for 10 years. I have worked with the best board presidents, Buddy Veuleman, Randy Martin, and Terrell Snelling and each one has been supportive and always on the side of what is good and right for our students. The board has a heart for our students and staff and they want Sabine to achieve academically as well as athletically, and in all other extracurricular opportunities. Our board is so proud of their schools and communities and this is paramount for our parish. I am very grateful! Thank you!

I have every confidence that Sabine will continue to be a great district, in spite of obstacles that will come. Sabine has great employees, a fine central staff, excellent administrators, great teachers, and wonderful students! Our parish will continue to do well because the people will do well. I will pray for the next leader and their success, and I thank all staff for their fine work.

I want to thank Sabine Parish for every kindness and support shown to me and to our district, and I want to especially thank Dave Davis at Homeland Security, the Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney, Don Burkett, and his staff, the office of Judge Stephen Beasley, the Police Jury, MPD and Town Council, ZPD and Town Council, local Mayors and local PD’s, Sabine Medical Center, local churches, local businesses

and other community organizations who work closely with and support our schools. Our schools are dependent on their communities and schools are supported in Sabine Parish.

I have always had the best secretaries, and I want to thank Mrs. Barbara Allen (retired), Mrs. Janet Elam (retired) and Mrs. Tammy Luster. They are the most wonderful ladies and I am blessed to have had them in my life.

Finally, I thank my family for supporting me and putting up with me over the last 10 years. Their love and prayers have sustained me. I am so blessed to have been able to watch my nieces and nephews grow up in our schools. I thank the Lord for his guidance, care and blessings beyond measure! I pray the Lord’s continued blessings on the Sabine Parish School District.

It is my desire, and in the best interest of the district, that the board take steps to hire a superintendent in the fall so we have some time to work together and have a seamless transition.

May the Lord bless you all! Thank you!

Mr. Terrell Snelling, President of the Sabine Parish School Board, would like to comment, “On behalf of our school board, I sincerely wish Dr. Ebarb a happy and well-deserved retirement. She has served Sabine Parish well and we will all hate to see her go. We thank her for her dedication to children, staff, and our community!”

Old Sabine Theater Getting Facelift

MANY, La – The next step in the renovation an revitalization of downtown Many is underway as the old theater gets an updated exterior. 

The old Sabine Theater, now the Many Community Center, is getting a complete facelift on its exterior Artist Angela Osborne has painted murals on walls. Patrick Painting is sanding, priming, and painting the vertical Sabine sign and the marquee boards ‘fire engine red’ to match the bright red border on the theater’s front walls. 

All is expected to be finished for Saturday’s Juneteenth Celebration at the theater and the July 3rd Patriotic concert.

Defense Technologies Representative Visits SPSO to De-Escalation Techniques

MANY, La – A Safariland Defense Technology Representative was at the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Shooting Range this morning.
Defense Technologies is the leader in less-lethal and de-escalation tools and techniques.
He was here to demonstrate the 12-gauge and 40mm impact munitions.
Sheriff Aaron Mitchell and several of his Deputies were in attendance and were able to test-fire the shotgun rounds and the 40mm munition weapon.
The goal is to provide a safer way to deal with suspects in certain high-risk encounters. These munitions will stop the threat of suspects without inflicting life-threatening injuries. The consistent accuracy of these weapons will also decrease the chance of bystander injury.
Sheriff Mitchell is committed to providing the latest technology and training for his Deputies with the safety of the public in mind.

Siloam Baptist Church Recognizes Local Law Enforcement

MANY, La – Local law enforcement was celebrated by a the Siloam Baptist Church Sunday.
Brother Tony Anthony and the Siloam Baptist Church family recognized area law enforcement during their Sunday Morning Service. Sheriff Aaron Mitchell and several of his Deputies were in attendance.
Brother Anthony emphasized the importance of supporting law enforcement and how vital they are to keep the community safe. In recent years, law enforcement has been criticized and condemned for the actions of a few.
The youth of Siloam Church presented goodie-bags and a note of thanks to the deputies in attendance.
Sheriff Mitchell informed members of the congregation of what the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office has accomplished this past year. Sheriff Mitchell said he will continue to investigate and arrest the drug dealers, as well as other crimes in Sabine Parish.
Sheriff Mitchell and his office wanted to humbly thank Brother Anthony and the Siloam Baptist Church for their kindness and support. We do not expect praise or recognition in this profession, but it is rewarding to receive a thank-you for the job we all love to do.

Northwestern State adds versatile wing Jalen King

The Northwestern State men’s basketball signing class grew to five members as the Demons inked South Georgia State College wing Jalen King on Monday.

King is a career 58 percent shooter from the field, which set the mark for one of the top junior college programs in the South.

The 6-foot-5 sophomore averaged 15 points, nine rebounds and three assists for a South Georgia State College squad that won the GCAA Tournament and advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NJCAA National Tournament.

“We’ve added a great all-around player that can truly fill up a stat sheet in many ways,” said NSU head coach Mike McConathy. “Jalen is a wing that thrives in a fast-paced style of play – getting to the rim in transition as well as scoring in other ways like crashing the glass, 3-pointers and drives.

“Defensively, his size, speed and length will allow him to guard multiple positions.”

King was picked as a NJCAA Third-Team All-American and a First-Team All-GCAA selection.

He finished his career as the seventh all-time leading scorer in program history as SGSC amassed a 48-11 record in his two seasons.

King reached double-digit scoring in 24 of his 27 contests and double-digit rebounds in 11 games.

The Columbus, Ga., native led Carver High to the Class 4A state championship in 2019 and was the Region Co-Player of the Year.

King joins fellow junior college signees Zurabi Zhgenti and Cedric Garrett and high school guards Emareyon McDonald and Jackson Waggoner.

Remember This – Julia’s Three Dads

By Brad Dison

Barbara Morris and Ted Wells wed on December 26, 1932.  Ted was a talented carpenter and worked from one job site to another.  During the Great Depression, new construction ground to a halt and Ted struggled to find work.  In 1932, he became a school teacher.  Barbara brought in extra money to the family by giving piano lessons and playing for local crowds.   

In early 1935, Barbara told Ted that she was pregnant, and on October 1, 1935, Julia Elizabeth Wells was born.  Two years later, they had a son they named Johnny.  Soon thereafter, the marriage fell apart.  In 1940, Barbara, still legally married to Ted Wells, began a relationship with another man, also named Ted.  Johnny lived with Ted Wells and Julia lived with Barbara and “Uncle Ted.”  In November, 1943, Julia’s parents divorced and Barbara immediately married the other Ted.  Following the ceremony, Barbara instructed Julia that, rather than calling her stepfather “Uncle Ted,” she was to call him “Pop” which Julia despised.    

Barbara was a talented piano player and Pop was a Vaudeville performer.  Soon after they met, Barbara and Pop joined forces and performed in Vaudeville shows together.  Barbara took every opportunity to display her talent when she held or attended parties.  Sometimes, Julia attended parties with her mother, and, on many occasions, Barbara convinced Julia to sing for the guests.  The guests enjoyed the impromptu performances, but Julia was always reluctant because she felt her mother was using her to get attention. 

One night in the Autumn of 1950, Barbara and Julia were driving to yet another party.  As they neared the home, Barbara turned to Julia and said, “I want you to do me a favor.  If I ask you to sing, will you do it?”  This was out of character for Barbara.  She usually asked Julia in front of the guests knowing she would be unable to refuse.  Julia reluctantly agreed to sing.  During the party, Barbara played piano and Julia sang a single song.  The guests were delighted.  After their performance, guests complimented Barbara and Julia.  One man seemed genuinely interested in Julia.  She recognized the man immediately.  He had been a visitor in their home on several occasions when Julia was much younger than her current fifteen years of age.  As the party progressed, Barbara had one stiff drink after another.  The man Julia recognized from so long ago sat down on the couch beside her.  Within minutes of their meeting, Julia “felt an electricity between [them] that [she] couldn’t explain.”  Rather than making small talk, the man asked her specific questions about school, about singing, about her life in general.          

By the time the party was over, Barbara was too intoxicated to drive.  Julia, not yet old enough to operate a vehicle legally, had no choice but to drive herself and her mother home.  Barbara reassured Julia in slurred speech that she would show her the way home.  As they drove through the thick fog, Barbara asked Julia if she knew why they attended the party, and why she asked Julia to sing.  Julia replied that she did not and kept her focus on the road.  Barbara asked Julia what she thought about the man who sat beside her on the couch.  “He…seemed pleasant,” Julia replied.  With hesitation and tears in her eyes, Barbara explained why she had taken Julia to the party and had her sing.  “That man is your father.” 

Barbara explained that she had wanted to tell Julia this secret for fourteen years.  Tears fell from Barbara’s eyes.  Although confused, somewhat angry, and in shock, Julia remained calm and focused on the road.  Barbara explained that there had been an “overwhelming attraction that she couldn’t deny,” and she had a one-night stand with him.  Julia drove the car into the driveway and turned off the engine.  She and her mother sat in awkward silence, neither knowing what to say.  Julia was stunned by her mother’s revelation, and Barbara seemed embarrassed.  Without another word, Barbara hurried from the car to sleep off her intoxication. 

Barbara avoided any discussion about the topic with Julia for several days.  Finally, Julia brought up the subject.  Julia asked her mother how she could be sure that the man at the party was her father.  Barbara replied, “because Daddy and I weren’t being romantic in those days.”  Julia and her mother never spoke about the subject again.

Nearly forty years later, long after Barbara had died, Julia spoke to her Aunt Joan about the man she had met at the party.  She asked if what her mother had told her so many years ago was true.  Aunt Joan reluctantly told her that it was.  The man at the party was, in fact, her biological father.  During their conversation, Julia asked Aunt Joan a question she had wanted to ask her mother, but never did.  She wanted to know if the man she knew as “dad” knew.  Aunt Joan simply replied, “Yes.  He Did.”  Julia was almost as stunned as the night she learned who her real father was.  Aunt Joan explained that “Dad” was so in love with Barbara that he overlooked the affair and the fact that Julia was not his.  He had raised Julia as his own.  Julia did not reveal the name of her biological father.

Back in the early 1950s, Julia joined Barbara’s and Pop’s act.  For a while, she only performed a song or two.  Pop wanted the spotlight for himself.  Pretty soon, her talents outshone those of Barbara and Pop.  Julia got offers to perform without Barbara and Pop, whose careers had stalled completely.  Julia’s career, however, soared.  She performed with orchestras, in Broadway and West End productions, on various television shows, and in movies.  It had been Julia’s stepfather who insisted that Julia legally change her name to one more fitting his last name, which is the name you know her by.  You may recognize some of Julia’s many movies such as “Victor Victoria,” “The Princess Diaries,” “The Sound of Music,” and “Mary Poppins.”  You know Julia Elizabeth Wells by her adopted name… Julie Andrews.        


Andrews, Julie. Home: A Memoir of My Early Years. New York, New York: Hyperion, 2008.  

LSHOF hosting free Rockin’ River Fest concert Friday, June 25 on downtown riverbank

A free Friday evening riverbank concert. Food trucks, refreshments, free games for kids.

A spectacular, holiday-season level fireworks show set to sports-themed music, just after dark.

And just before the dazzling aerial show over Cane River Lake, on-stage introduction of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame’s Class of 2020 including worldwide celebrities Ronnie Coleman (eight-time Mr. Olympia bodybuilder), Sweet Lou Dunbar of the Harlem Globetrotters, and Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson.

It’s all part of the Friday evening, June 25 Rockin’ River Fest, a focal point of the LSHOF’s Class of 2020 Induction Celebration. The Rockin’ River Fest is presented by Rapides Regional Medical Center.

It’s on the Rue Beauport river bank stage in downtown Natchitoches, beginning at 6 with music lasting until 10:30, no admission required.

There’s an upscale party in an air-conditioned tent to the left of the stage. The Hancock-Whitney Taste of Tailgating shindig runs from 7-10, with guests enjoying tailgating-inspired food stations, specialty cocktails, free beer and wine, a silent auction, a photo booth, and music by DJ Geaux.

Tickets are $100 per person ($50 for under 21 partygoers) and must be purchased in advance through the website or by calling Gracen McDonald, the LSHOF Foundation executive assistant, at 318-554-9020.

The Taste of Tailgating party has filled to capacity each of the first two years of the Rockin’ River Fest. The crowd in and around the amphitheater, however, has no capacity limit, and the entertainment is cost-free.

At least three bands will perform, with feature act Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys bringing their rockin’ zydeco, high energy style to Louisiana’s oldest city and its fun-loving people.

“A young, Cajun band that’s definitely the real deal. These guys play Cajun music they way it’s supposed to be played, keeping true to their traditional heritage, yet pushing the limits of groove with a mature experimentation that’s guaranteed to keep you dancing,” wrote one reviewer.

They’ll be preceded by the area’s premiere show band, Johnny Earthquake and the Moon Dogs, who often have top flight musicians and vocalists making surprise appearances to team up with the exceptionally gifted singers and musicians who are mainstays of this ever-popular Natchitoches act fronted by the colorful Johnny Earthquake.

“Quite simply, Louisiana’s best show band!” wrote a reviewer for City Lights magazine.

The Rockin’ River Fest Kids Zone is presented by Louisiana Propane Dealers and will have free interactive games for children 4 and up.

The Friday night spectacular sets the tone for Saturday’s festivities, which begin with a free Junior Training Camp and include the Roundtable Luncheon and the Warmup Reception at the LSHOF Museum and the Induction Ceremony at the Natchitoches Events Center, televised live by Cox Sports Television at 7 p.m. on June 26.

Reservations are necessary for the Junior Training Camp by visiting or calling McDonald at 318-554-9020. Those are pathways for tickets to the luncheon and induction reception and ceremony.

Notice of Death – June 15, 2021

Richard “Ricky” Beaudoin, Sr.
February 10, 1963 – June 13, 2021
Service: Thursday, June 17 at 2 pm at Blanchard-St. Denis Funeral Home

Martha Sue Outlaw Dugan
April 26, 1945 – June 14, 2021
Service: Friday, June 18 at 11 am at Wallace Baptist Church in Pelican

Melvenia LaCour
June 06, 2021
Service: Saturday, June 19 at 11 am in the Winnfield Memorial Funeral Home Chapel, located at 318 North Street in Natchitoches

Freddie Lee Jackson
June 01, 2021
Arrangements TBA

Henry Keith
May 22, 2021
Arrangements TBA

Margaret Carter Cooper
November 2, 1961 – May 10, 2021
Arrangements TBA

Johnnie Peats
June 04, 2021
Service: Friday, June 18 at 11 am at the Winnfield Memorial Funeral Home Chapel, located at 117 MLK Drive in Winnfield

Harold Horton
June 12, 2021
Arrangements TBA

Deborah Delain Mooney
March 01, 1962 – June 13, 2021
Service: Thursday, June 17 at 10 am at Southern Funeral Home

Louisiana Clerks of Court Association Awards Scholarship to Sabine Parish Graduate

FLORIEN, La – A Sabine Parish senior was awarded the 2021 Louisiana Clerks of Court Association Scholarship. The Sabine Parish Clerk of Court announced the news with the following congratulations to the winner;

“Congratulations to our 2021 Louisiana Clerks of Court Association scholarship recipient Hanah Hall. Unfortunately, we received the award too late to present to Hanah on Awards Day. She was presented with this $500 scholarship by Clerk of Court, Shelly Salter today. Hanah is a 2021 graduate from Florien High School. Hanah is the daughter of Maelynn Swindle, who is an employee of our office. We are excited to present this scholarship to Hanah for her hard work and achievements. Hanah plans to continue her education at the University of Lafayette this fall. Best of luck to you Hanah Hall!” 

Zwolle PD Reachers Another Training Milestone

ZWOLLE, La – The Zwolle Police Department is now certified in DWI Detection and Standard Field Sobriety Testing.

Chief Daniel Thomas had the following to say regarding this achievement; “Another milestone in making our town and community a safer place.” 

Chief Thomas will continue to educate himself and the department in order to make them more certified to serve the community.