Clean Up Many

Many Liter Plan 2018

The Leaders Against Litter and the Town of Many will hold its annual “Get off your Fanny” and “Sabine Parish Trash Bash” litter campaign this Saturday, March 24. Mayor Ken Freeman believes the first impression is a lasting impression. The Mayor, City Council, Many P.D. and Citizens are committed to making the first impression of our Hometown a positive one.

To accomplish this goal, the Mayor has appointed three litter officers who have been deputized to issue tickets to anyone caught littering with fines up to $500. Signs have been posted throughout the Town stating “We are watching, No Littering, $500 fine”. Trash bags have been mailed to all citizens of Many and placed at local businesses throughout the town to be placed in their vehicles.

Saturday, March 24 from 8 am – 12 pm, citizens will be picking up trash on highways and streets throughout the town and parish. Motorist please be aware and use caution of the citizens that are picking up trash along the streets and highways.

The effort to clean up Sabine Parish is going to be an ongoing project throughout the Parish showing SABINE PARISH PRIDE.

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