Sabine Parish Basketball Scores and Rankings  

Sabine Parish Basketball Scores and Rankings

Monday January 10


Converse 45 (7-17)
Buckeye 39 (3-18)

Negreet 62 (14-9)
Saline 34 (6-15)


Negreet 61 (10-14)
Saline 42 (10-13)

Tuesday January 11


Ebarb 47 (9-14) (1-0)
Evans 40 (11-13) (0-1)

Zwolle 75 (20-5) (1-0) Infinity Sepulvado 22, Makayla Price 18, Olivia Sepulvado 12 and Jalen Lynch 9
Converse 37 (7-18) (0-1)

Florien 37 (25-2) (1-0)
Stanley 26 (12-8) (0-1)

Rapides 71 (10-8)
Many 65 (8-10)


Ebarb 72 (8-16) (1-0)
Evans 68 (16-8) (0-1)

Zwolle 84 (17-4) (1-0)
Converse 43 (8-12) (0-1)

Florien 73 (14-12) (1-0)
Stanley 43 (8-14) (0-1)

Rapides 49 (9-8)
Many (47 (7-4)

Simpson 43 (15-6) (1-0)
Pleasant Hill 36 (20-8) (0-1)

Volunteers Needed for Disaster Relief

The Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office, along with Mt. Carmel Baptist, is in need of volunteers to help with the clean-up and rebuilding of the Peason Community that was recently devastated by the EF2 Tornado that ripped through Sabine Parish. 

According to a post made to social media by the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, volunteers of all skillsets are needed and greatly appreciated. 

“We are sending out a team this Saturday (1/15) to Peason to help with recovery. We need people to help with fences, sort and salvage belongings, pull limbs, cut trees, operate tractors, along with many other tasks. If you would like to join us, please meet at the church at 8 am this Saturday.”

The church is located at 5049 HWY 118

Florien, LA, 71429

SPSO Looking for Information Regarding Stolen Trailer

MANY, La – A 2008 black Falcon 16’ or 18’ utility trailer was stolen sometime over the last three weeks from the Shuteye Road area west of Many.
The trailer displays a Louisiana license plate. A new jack has been welded on the tongue behind the old jack. There is also a set of heavy-duty ATV ramps on the trailer.
If anyone has any information or if you see a trailer fitting this description, contact Detective Sculthorpe, Sabine CID, at 318-590-9475, or submit a tip through our Sabine Parish Sheriff App.

Sabine Parish Supports our Creative and Talented Children and Youth

The Sabine Prevention Alliance partnering with the Town of Many and The Sabine Drama Club is sponsoring an art contest for elementary, junior high and high school students in the Parish. Students may enter a 14” X 22” poster depicting the SPA’s tag line, “Keeping our children and youth Safe, Sober and Successful”. The art medium can be in pencil, pen, magic marker, or tempera paint and can show how students can keep themselves safe, sober and successful at home, school, in the community and/or with peers. Posters will need to be judged FIRST at each school level with first, second, and third place winners for each grade category of Elementary, Jr. High and High School.

Selected first, second and third place winning entries from each participating school, will NEED TO BE DELIVERED TO MANY CITY HALL c/o Mrs. Suzanne Williams no later than February 11th at 4:30pm. All artwork will be on display for the public to view during regular hours between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., during the following week.  Each piece of art must have the student’s name, teacher’s name and school printed in the upper right corner on the back side of the artwork. Judges will be looking at not only artistic quality but also how well students portray the protective factors such as the people, places, activities, and interests in their lives that help keep them safe, sober and successful.

A group of local artists have volunteered to judge the posters from each grade category and they will select an overall first, second and third place winner from Elementary, Jr. High and High School entries to represent the creativity and resilience of Sabine Parish’s children and youth. Local art lovers, businesses, agencies and youth advocates have donated prize money for our judges’ selections; however, ALL entries will be published on social media and the local news to recognize our talent in Sabine Parish.  Prize money will be awarded in the following amounts:

Elementary First: $50, Second: $30, Third: $20

Jr. High First: $75, Second: $50, Third: $25

High School First: $100, Second: $75, Third: $50

Any individuals, groups, businesses, or anonymous patrons that would like to contribute to this contest can contact Mrs. Suzanne Williams at 318-715-4963 or 256-4019 or email Any children and youth needing assistance in obtaining poster board and/or art supplies can contact Chandra White at SPA, 318-315-0081 or James Wagley at 318-602-9206. Contributors will be recognized in any publications regarding this contest. This is a great way to reach out to our children and youth to help them stay safe, sober and successful. For more information on the SPA, go to Facebook / Sabine Prevention Alliance or or call 318-315-0081.

Women’s Resource Center Increases Free Car Seat Safety Classes

The Women’s Resource Center has officially increased its popular free car seat safety class to twice a month in order to meet the growing demand in the Natchitoches area.

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 3-14 in the United States. It is not just about how adults drive, but how children are placed in the car. Car seats for infants lessen the risk of death under the age of 1 by 71%.

Registered child passenger safety technicians are car seat experts that are able to help with information and inspections. CPST’s Danette Westfall, Deputy Dorsey, and Megan Goff have taught the highly in-demand class for the past three years, equipping hundreds of women in the community.

Attendees of the Car Seat Safety Class receive a brand-new car seat and one-on-one instruction on how to properly install it safely, as well as information on other types and safety rules and laws in Louisiana. They are also invited to bring a support person along with them in the class.

The Women’s Resource Center is a nonprofit organization that empowers women to make life-affirming choices. They offer a multitude of support and assistance throughout a woman’s pregnancy journey free of charge.

If interested in attending this complimentary class (available to pregnant women in the Natchitoches and surrounding areas), call 318-357-8888 or message the Women’s Resource Center on Facebook to inquire more about the process*.

*Must have finished main visits before taking monthly offered classes.”

Many High School Powerlifting Team Competes and Places at NCHS Tournament

The Many High School Powerlifting team competed over the weekend at the NCHS Invitational Powerlifting Meet and ranked high with one of their powerlifters winning her division. Summer Paddie, Pictured above, won overall for in her division and weight class helping the overall team score for the Many Tigers. This is the second year for the Many High School Powerlifting team. In 2021, the Tigers were able to take home the State Championship Title for powerlifting under the direction of their Coach, Jesse Curtis. 

The tournament has been held at NCHS for over seven years, becoming a fixture of Louisiana High School Powerlifting. The event packed the gym for the all-day event as families and well-wishers cheered for their favorites and their teammates. With opportunities for both male and female lifters as well as different weight classes, there is a place in Powerlifting for any young man or woman who is willing to put in the work to get better and stronger.

The Sabine Parish Journal wishes to extend its best wishes to the lifters, coaches, and parents whose hard work and support made the tournament a success. The event was a joy to watch, as young men and women of every race cheered each other on as they competed. Work Hard. Get Better. Get stronger. The lifters exemplified everything that is right and good about sports that day. Well done ladies and gentlemen!

Sabine Parish Basketball Scores

Sabine Parish Basketball Scores

Thursday January 6

Lakeview Lady Gators 71 (14-1)
Pleasant Hill Lady Eagles 35 (7-13)

Lakeview Gators 68 (18-2)
Pleasant Hill Eagles 48 (19-7)

Tioga 41 (3-14)
Converse Wildcats 40 (6-16)

Friday January 7

Pleasant Hill Eagles 83 (20-7)
Magnolia School of Excellence 63

Negreet High School Tournament
January 6, 7, 8


Florien 60 (24-2)
Hicks 56 (18-5)

Negreet 60 (13-9)
Many 37 (7-9)

Zwolle 62 (18-5) Justice Howard 14, Kalijah Smith 14 and Olivia Sepulvado 13
Anacoco 48 (12-9)

Zwolle 54 (19-5) Olivia Sepulvado 13, Justice Howard 11, Makayla Price 10, Kalijah Smith 9, Infinity Sepulvado 9 and Brianna Lambert 2
Ebarb 34 (8-14)

Many 52 (8-9)
Converse 35 (6-17)


Anacoco 54 (18-8)
Negreet 27 (8-14)

Ebarb 49 (7-15)
Florien 39 (12-12)

Zwolle 51 (15-4)
Ebarb 43 (7-16)

Florien 61 (13-12)
Converse 44 (8-10)

Zwolle 63 (16-4)
Converse 34 (8-11)

Negreet 46 (9-14)
Many 37 (6-3)

Many 50 (7-3)
Anacoco 35 (18-9)

The tricky languages of love (or something like it)

Five years or so ago, my spousal unit and I woke to a perfectly wonderful, cool and clear late-winter Saturday, a day full of hope and promise — then took a chance on ruining it all by going to a marriage workshop.

Going to workshops or seminars or couple-improvement things is OK if you’re alone. If you attend as a couple, it’s wise to wear camo. Could be combat.

Because humans are naturally defensive, there is potential, when confronting defects, for tense moments. By tense I mean something along the lines of disarming an explosive device or filling a cavity for a mountain lion.

Why do you think they sometimes call these things “retreats”?

This workshop/seminar/retreat was at the church in the sanctuary and lasted something like two hours in the morning and three in the afternoon. Cost maybe 20 bucks. A steal. Plus, free Chick-fil-a at lunchtime.


Long story short is that it was actually really good. My spousal unit didn’t want to go as much as I did, but when it was over, we looked at what had been created during those five-ish hours and said, “It was good,” and the next day, the seventh day, we rested.

(I’m blatantly stealing material now.)

We got there 15 minutes early. They checked us for weapons — can’t be too careful at a marriage workshop — and we headed for the safety of the balcony.

It was understood that if either of us were asked to stand and say something (this is called “sharing” in the seminar game) or if we were asked to “break into small groups,” we would head for the door and try to salvage what was left of the day. I still get the shakes and shivers just thinking about being somewhere and the “facilitator” suggesting we “break into small groups.”

More like break into a fast trot.

And if I’m ever asked to say something on the spot in front of a big group, it would be “goodbye.” (At moments like this I always think of my precious granddaddy Teddy who, when the preacher asked him to pray one time, said, “I beg to be excused.” Then he bowed his head and waited for the preacher to bring in a pinch-hitter. Or pinch-prayer.)

Our leader that Saturday was a good one and an old pro, Gary Chapman, whose 1992 book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, has sold more than four million copies. He was funny and warm and the opposite of high-falutin’. He also used a couple of words (they had to do with sex) that I had never heard in a sanctuary, which made it worth the 20 bucks admission price right there.

He explained that the five love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts. Find out your spouse’s main two languages and you become aware of how they wish to be loved, not how you think they wish to be loved or how you want to love them. At least that’s the way it works in theory.

Great concept once he helped us understand. Of course, we’re only human, so you can talk your spousal unit’s love language in sexy French and still be in trouble if you forget to pick up milk or diapers.

Ultimately, me writing about this is silly because I know more about how to fix a jet airplane engine than I do about most matters of the heart. But we have had no dustups around the house during the past 94 weeks of global madness, so maybe it’s luck but maybe we learned something that day.

If you’re interested at all, there is lots of info available online, plus Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, as if we needed something besides omicron and booster shots to worry about.

I can only wish you luck because while I could pretend to explain more, I don’t really know anything else so … I beg to be excused.

(P.S. My main love language turned out, Mr. Chapman said, to be a first: fried chicken. My backup was gravy. Two whole new love languages! Who knew?)

Contact Teddy at

SAVE THE DATE:  Gun Show this Weekend.

The Natchitoches Gun Show will be held on Jan 15th-16th, 2022 in Natchitoches, LA at the Natchitoches Events Center. This event is promoted by Triple R Events LLC.  All federal, state and local firearm laws and ordinances must be followed. The Natchitoches Gun Show provides the highest quality vendors to ensure a successful event for its attendees.

Come check it out! Buy, Sell or trade.

Sat 9-5, Sun 10-4

Phone: 903-249-9075
General: $10.00
Military: $5.00