Blessed: A Ring Full of Class

Junior Ring Ceremony is typically known as the first of many events that will commemorate Senior year for eager students and weary parents. It is officially accepting the torch passed to them from the exiting class of seniors. It also ushers in a flood of emotions from family members when they see their student accept a class ring and actually put it on their finger. Life changes ever so quickly for everyone over the next twelve months.

Junior Ring Ceremony is simply a formal event that says, “Buckle your seat belts, ready or not, Senior year is coming hot!”.

The Natchitoches Central Chiefs recently held their ring ceremony. Social media was buzzing with living proof that parents are so proud of their children and in constant awe that they have grown up so fast. Blink twice and its gone in a flash. After spending hours perusing all of the many photos and rings, I stumbled upon a comment from a friend of mine, Lacy Christophe, that simply read, “We had my grandmother’s ring resized for my daughter.”

Upon first read, I was totally invested in all of the details because I thought it was the sweetest gesture. When I clicked on the picture and zoomed in I thought, wouldn’t that be completely beautiful if the heirloom class ring was from Natchitoches Central High School or even, Natchitoches High?

It initially blew me away that a child in today’s day and time would choose the sentimental route. Most girls would cherish a top of the line Balfour ring, a Kendra Scott or even a David Yurman. But if you have ever met NCHS Junior, Alyssa Chandler, you know that it is not far-fetched that she wanted to wear the ring of her Great-grandmother, Robbie Cox. Described by her Grandmother, Kim Scroggins Liner, as a sweet and gentle girl.

So sweet and gentle that she recently spent over two hours visiting with her eighty year old aunt and uncle at a family birthday party. That is just who Alyssa is. No one in their family was surprised to learn that she preferred the family heirloom to glitz and shine of a new ring, including her mom.

“Alyssa mentioned before that she wanted something different, not your typical class ring. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up and some of my fondest memories are with them,” shared Lacy.

As it turns out, this heirloom ring is in fact from Natchitoches High. (In later years it would combine with Central High creating Natchitoches Central High School.

Lacy’s grandparents were Ronald Scroggins, who is was a 1957 graduate of Flora High School and Robbie Cox who was a 1959 graduate of Natchitoches High. The high school sweethearts married in 1959 just a few months after Robbie’s graduation. Their love was built to last as it spanned almost five decades. Forty-nine years of marriage brought many highs and lows, but their love for each other never wavered. Mr. Scoggins passed away in 2008 and Mrs. Scoggins passed away in 2011 on what would have been their 52nd wedding anniversary.

“My grandmother found her ring around the time we were being told to choose our senior ring, I never was interested in a regular ring because once you get out of high school you never wear it again. I thought the idea of having her ring would be cool!”, said Chandler.

What makes it even more cool is the fact that her grandmother, Kim,(1980 NCHS graduate) actually wears her dad’s senior ring from Flora High School. Sentimental definitely runs deep in this family.

Alyssa’s mom shared, “It makes me so incredibly happy that she chose my grandmother’s ring because of the memories that my daughter and I share of my grandparents.”

“When my grandmother told me she found my great grandmother’s ring I loved the idea of having it. Especially with the sentimental value it holds for me. I only have a couple of early memories of her,” said Chandler.

The beautiful, historic ring that bears the school crest of Natchitoches High from a 1959 graduate will now be roaming the halls of the Natchitoches Central High School in the 23-24 school year. It will also be on the talented hands of Alyssa while she plays Lady Chief Basketball on the courts of the school’s freshly updated gymnasium floors.

In a world full of youth that craves new, exciting, shiny and temporary things it sure is refreshing to see a young lady who actively chooses family legacy and sweet memories to start her senior year.

The scripture shared is one of the scriptures that was a constantly shared in the Scoggins’ household.

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Romans 8:31

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