New software makes reporting issues as easy as sending a text 

The Town of Many has a new texting service for residents looking for answers or to report an issue.

TextMyGov allows residents to receive answers or report issues about city services with just one text. Opting in to receive messages from the Town concerning road closures, water issues, or emergencies can be done by texting MANY to 91896.

The Town’s website, has the TextMyGov logo on the homepage and by clicking on the logo, you can get more information on how to opt in or op out to receive messages directly from the Town. Under the Contact Us tab on the homepage, click on Report an Issue for a link that takes you to the page where you can either click on the iWorQ logo or the word Portal to send requests directly to the new work management system.

 “Oh, my goodness! Are you looking to start water service, pay your water bill or disconnect service, report a pothole, or a loose dog roaming around?  Yes, wow, how easy is that?” was the reaction from lifelong Many resident Shanna Gaspard, who added, “this new service is super convenient and easy to use.”

“Our Town’s team is always looking for ways to enhance customer service for our community, and the new texting service shows how we can do this by embracing technology that is used by so many of our residents,” said Many Mayor Robert Hable. “We now have multiple ways for our residents to seek assistance in a way that suits their lives – by texting, using our free app, submitting online, or by calling our office team.”

To use the new work order service, residents should text a keyword related to their question or concern to 318-508-7997, such as “animal” or “water service” or even “pothole.” Or they can use the online option as described above.

“Nobody really wants to call somewhere for help and sit on hold for any amount of time, even if it’s just a minute. And so, the ability to send a text with a keyword and get a response and suggestions on how to address that issue, I think is a great idea,” said Many resident and Councilwoman Cherry Williams. “This new system, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is something our council all agreed that would help our residents to report, and our employees to get, work requests in a more efficient manner based on technology that we all use”, added Williams.

Gaspard, who has spent her whole life in Many and is the Director for the Sabine Parish Chamber of Commerce said this new service is needed— especially for the elderly who may not be able to get around much but who almost certainly have a smart phone and understands how to send text messages.

The software uses short keywords like street, animal, water, sewer, or tree to send a response with links to helpful information on the city’s website as well as next steps for submitting a service request. The text request is then sent via email to the appropriate department’s Supervisor through the new Work Order system powered by iWorQ.

The Town’s employees understand everyone uses their phone for various reasons, and this is just one way to meet them halfway. We asked Gaspard and Williams how often they are on their phones.

“Well, I do a whole lot of business for the Chamber and the Art Guild on my phone, and I have family that live out-of-town. I would say roughly about eight hours some days,” Gaspard shared.

“Probably a little too often, as we all are, sometimes unfortunately all day long,” Williams said.

“The new text messaging system is live now and residents can begin opting in to receive or send text messages. The work order system has been used internally for the past 2 months and we will go live for the public next week after the final touches are completed”, said Suzanne Williams, the Town’s Grant Writer and implementation/training manager of these software projects. “I’m so excited we are bringing our wonderful, historic, little Town into the 21st century in a big way, utilizing technology that we have come to rely on in all areas of our lives!”, she added.

To continue to report issues or needs that residents have the old-fashioned way, a phone call to City Hall at 318-256-3651, will still be available during regular office hours during the week.  

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