Blessed: City of Lights, Baby!

A few years ago, this very week, I was finally on my way home from running errands after an extremely long day at the office. Sometimes the simplest of errands can seem so daunting and burdensome. This was definitely one of those days. With a deep sigh I drove my weary self down the picturesque Williams Avenue. Once I stopped at the Church Street Bridge red light, I noticed that it was Christmas light installation time!

This caused my soul to instantly perk up. Christmas lights are my favorite thing, not only during the holiday season but all year round. Yes, I am that person. I even told my children when I leave this world and go onto glory, I would like my casket wrapped in Christmas lights. Forget flowers that will soon die, wrap my rented casket in as many bright lights as the electrical system at the funeral can stand.

While I was sitting at the light admiring what was about to happen to our downtown area I saw three City of Natchitoches utility workers walking towards the area where lights were being hung with care. They were laughing amongst themselves and really seemed to be enjoying their work, this task did not seem daunting or burdensome to them. It always brings me joy when I see others enjoying their work, life is way too short to miserable at work.

Being the extroverted person that I am, I rolled down my window to let the City workers know that I truly appreciated them working late to decorate for Christmas. They laughed and thanked me right before one of them said, “It’s the City of Lights, baby! That’s what we do!”

It truly was said in the most lighthearted and respectful way. It was a jolly moment shared between City of Natchitoches residents who have a genuine love for what our town looks like at Christmas. I posted about this particular night on Facebook so it often shows up in my memories. Every time I read it I get overjoyed again at the thought of seeing people love their jobs. As a tax paying citizen in this town, I will always be in awe of people who choose to work for the public and actually enjoy it.

God created us to be laborers, to have careers, and to be fruitful with our time. Adam was put to work on day one of creation. Well, maybe not day one, but definitely in the second chapter. God expects us to pull our own weight. I also truly believe he wants us to enjoy it and be proud of it. When we love the town we live in and take pride in everything that makes it great, residents will benefit for decades to come. When we apply Biblical principals to everything we do…whether that is hanging Christmas lights, digging ditches or even serving in a pubic office…we are choosing to put God first.

When we put God first all else will fall into place.

Our little Christmas loving and historic town is by no means perfect. She does have her many flaws, bumps and bruises that will take strategic planning, bigger budgets and prayer to overcome. There is only one place that is crime free, pothole free, the friendliest people, no tears, no taxes, no scoffers, calories do not count, the Christmas lights stay on all year (this is not Biblical but one can wish), the road is very narrow…and simply will not be found on this side of heaven.

I pray you always find the joy and our Savior in all situations.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” Colossians 3:23

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