‘Motorcycle Guy’ Coby

    What an amazing day! June 4 was not just Coby’s birthday. It was a celebration for every adult who was there also. Including burly bikers!

     Coby and his family were involved in a horrible accident almost 7 years ago when Coby was only 15 months old. A drunk driver crashed into them leaving Coby with life threatening injuries. Thankfully we still have Coby, who is a walking miracle and testimony to us all. Coby is a blessing to all who know him with his exuberant personality!

     Gray Ghosts Freddie G leads a group of bikers every year into Sabine Parish Special Olympics, circle the pavilion where the kids are and they absolutely love it! Coby’s mama sent me a video of Coby jumping up and down screaming “motorcycles, motorcycles, motorcycles…” and I showed it to GG Freddie.

     It started simply enough; Freddie was going to give Coby a ride then it turned into a full blown, amazing surprise! A vest was made for Coby and patched with Brothers Keepers MC patches (Coby’s daddy is a fireman) thanks to BKMC for & Maddog Silver & Sewing. A helmet was donated by Ronnie Dees & 3State Harley-Davidson after Ronnie learned about the surprise. After speaking to BKMC, they wanted to ride with Freddie & Coby in a pack. Then Larry Alford of Alford’s Detail Shop in Many heard about it. Larry is a PGR Ride Captain. Larry & PGR gave Coby a beautiful PGR tumbler and a plaque making Coby an honorary PGR member.

     Coby was surprised with the bikes riding into his 8th birthday party, being presented with his helmet, vest, his plaque & PGR cup. But the biggest surprise was when he learned he was going on a ride, a pack ride! Coby said it was the “best birthday ever!” and stated he was now a “motorcycle guy!”

     What started out as just a simple ride on the back of a bike turned into riding in a pack of 15 bikes with all sorts of cool presents. There were huge grins (and a few tears) all around!

     Special thanks to Ronnie Dees & 3State Harley-Davidson, Maddog Silver, Brothers Keepers MC, Patriot Guard Riders, Gray Ghosts Freddie, Bandidos Saw’dOff, PGR Larry Alford and all who showed! And extra special thanks to Coby’s parents, Chris & Lexi for helping to put this together on Coby’s end! 

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