Town of Many Receives Grants for Concerts, Cops, and Kids

Many Mayor Robert Hable is all smiles as multiple grants have been received to help the Town with delivering the Arts, security, and other services.

The Town of Many has received quite a few grants in the past few months totaling $139,329 with most programs slated to begin next year.  The popular Many Cultural District’s “Music in Many” program has received $7,026 from two grantors: the Central Louisiana Community Foundation for $1,500, and the Louisiana Project Grant, formerly known as the Shreveport Regional Arts Council, for $ 5,526. The Cultural District is planning on two music shows next year along with daytime performances by the Shreveport Opera’s traveling group geared toward high school students. A world-renowned poet will round out the schedule with readings and workshops for students and adults. 

Mayor Robert Hable had this to say about the grants, “The Town of Many is continually looking outside the box for grant opportunities to enrich the lives of our citizens.”

Two grants for $1,140 each were received from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation for historical markers for the KCS Depot and the Sabine High school. These properties were placed on the National Historical Register in 2000 and 2020, respectively, and the KCS sign will be installed in the near future. The Town is still awaiting delivery of the sign for Sabine High School but it will be installed upon arrival.

Just last week, the Town was notified that a grant for $49,475 has been awarded by the Northwest Law Enforcement Planning Agency, Inc., (NWLEPA) to help the Town’s Police Department pay for the School Resource Officer assigned to SPARK, but the funding date will not start until next fiscal year. The same agency also provided the Police Department with $1,140 for trauma kits for each police car and camera equipment to aid criminal investigations.

Hable also stated, “I am ecstatic that we were able to secure a grant to keep our children safe in school with a Many PD Resource Officer by partnering with NWLEPA, the Sabine Parish Sheriff’s Office and the School Board.”

Senator Louie Bernard went to bat for the Town during this past spring’s legislative session and was able to secure two appropriations for a total of $70,000. The Sabine Many Museum, that is progressing toward opening early next year, will receive $25,000 to complete needed repairs and to acquire displays. The town was able to purchase its own debris removal equipment for $45,000, which will save taxpayers money on contract services after the next storm that causes fallen trees and limbs.

The Town also received a grant from the Louisiana Government Assistance Program (LGAP) for a fire hydrant maintenance and repair program for $9,408 and is still waiting to hear whether or not the Community Water Enrichment Fund (CWEF) will be granted with proceeds going toward paying for a new clear well ground storage water tank at the water plant west of town. Last year the town’s grant writer was able to get a scope of work change approved by the state for LGAP money awarded in 2019 in the amount of $35,000 to also help pay for the new water storage tank. The cost to replace the current 175,000-gallon tank is around one-half million dollars.

Other grants that have been applied for or that are in process, but will not be awarded until next year include: Capital Outlay through the State; Water Sector Program Grant, specifically for water and sewer projects; and the Community Development Block Grant, which has also been dedicated to the Town’s water and sewer infrastructure improvements. Projects written under these grants total more than $15Million and will allow the Town to bring the aging water and sewer infrastructure into the 21st century. 

Hable went on to say that, “The Town of Many sincerely thanks our Senator and all of the grantors listed above that have helped us in providing services, security, and entertainment for our residents and visitors alike.”

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