Sabine Humane Society Asks for Donations to Help with Influx of Animals

The Sabine  Animal Shelter is experiencing a huge influx of animals at the shelter this month.

Humane Society President Jackie Conyer said much of the problem is caused  by people not having their cats and dogs neutered or spayed.  Conyer said, “We are getting more  kittens and puppies than  we’ve never experienced before. If people would only spay/neuter, these numbers could be greatly reduced.”

Conyer also said microchipping dogs and cats with owner contact information could reduce the large number of animals ending up at the shelter.  The Sabine Animal Shelter will microchip and register animals for only $10 per animal if the owners will bring them in for the microchipping process.   Local veterinarians also can microchip animals. 

Both Conyer and Shelter Manager Lisa Butler said they’re overwhelmed with caring for the many animals  and are trying to get them adopted or to rescue. 

Figures bear out their concerns.  From  August 1, 2020 until July 31, 2021,  874 dogs and 589 cats were admitted to the Sabine Parish Shelter. Strays accounted for 403 dogs and 589 cats admitted to the shelter.     Only 119 dogs and 68 cats were adopted in the 12-month period.    Rescue organizations helped a lot when 481 dogs and 257 cats were accepted by various rescue groups both in Louisiana and out of the state.  

Sadly though, 170 dogs and 247 cats  were euthanized last year.

The Shelter is asking for donations from people who care about animals to help with the expenses involved in trying to save  and care for these unlucky cats and dogs. 

Both Conyer and Butler stress that personal donations are always needed  to help with the many expenses incurred in feeding, sheltering and attending to medical needs of the many animals at the shelter.  

 Donations may be made by cash, check or credit card to Sabine Parish Animal Shelter at 520 McDonald Drive, Many LA 71449.  Phone them at 318-256-2275 for more information.

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