A Merry Heart

For the past twenty-seven years I have had the blessing, although some would not agree, of working in the insurance industry. Growing up, never did I ever imagine that life would lead me in that direction. It is certainly surprising to me that I am knocking on three decades door in my career. I am fairly certain that you are quizzically doing the math and wondering how on earth I look so youthful or old enough to have a career for this long.

As soon as high school was over, I entered the world of business. But, where on earth did the time go?

One of the things that I have always enjoyed about the insurance industry was the fact that literally there is never a dull moment. It is a fast-paced business that heavily relies on the relationship between the agent and the client. As an agent, I love the sheer surprise of picking up the phone and not knowing what to expect from the caller on the other end.

Through the decades I have assisted clients while they navigate the fear and uncertainty of auto accidents, home fires, theft claims and loss of earthly possessions. Most of the time it is not a celebratory occasion that I am contacted. I have attended funerals and held the hands of clients who have had life insurance claims after the loss of a precious family member. I have had the pleasure of counseling clients when they are contemplating opening a business and unfortunately, I have had to counsel them when they decide to sell or close their business.

On the other hand, I have answered the phone to hear the excitement of a young couple buying their first home or buying life insurance for a newborn. And, how many times have I comforted a parent who is adding a driver who just earned a driver’s permit? This was the first clue that indicated that I may be getting old. I remember when these babies were born and now, they have their own ride home from school.

As many surprises that I have had during the years, nothing prepared me for the phone call that I received a few weeks ago.

It started as a routine day as my phone began to ring. In my most professional voice, I answered as normal, “This is Reba, may I help you?”.

The voice on the other end said, “Well hey Mrs. Reba, how are you?”.

I could instantly tell this client was having a great day and by all accounts, he was not calling to file a claim.

Trying to match his energy, I went on to say, “I am doing just wonderful, how are you?”.

Without hesitation my Sabine Parish client said, “I am so blessed, I have nothing to complain about. I am healthy, my family is healthy, I have a great job that supports my family, I love my church and my pastor, the weather is perfect today, I have food on my table, I have transportation, and I have had good days and bad days but I am alive…. and If I died and went to heaven today, I would simply tell Jesus, ‘Thank you, I have had an amazing life and you blessed me more than you should have’ and do you mind telling me how much my bill is this month?”

When I heard these authentic words of gratefulness, I just let them permeate for a moment.

In all of my decades of building relationships with customers and making new friends I had never heard someone so genuinely thankful for the cards that life had handed him. He had the merriest heart of anyone I had ever met in my line of work. It was so refreshing and personally blessed me as well.

Anytime that I may be having a mediocre day I try to remember the enthusiasm, cheerfulness and merry heart of my client whose monthly bill did increase, just a tad.

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit dried the bones” – Proverbs 17:22

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