Sabine Humane Society Rescues Record Number of Cats and Dogs in a Day

The Sabine Parish Animal Shelter has been hard at work rescuing animals round the clock. This work ethic and drive to save the animals of the parish is nothing new to the shelter though. With updates posted multiple times a day showcasing the “forever homes” of recently adopted animals, as well as shining a spotlight on the fur babies still in need of a family, the shelter stays in constant contact with the community to rescue, shelter, and home countless animals a month. 

With that level of dedication it should come as no surprise that in just one day nine dogs and twenty-seven cats went to rescue yesterday morning alone. The shelter made a quick appreciation post to thank everyone who took part in this incredible feat saying,

“Thanks to all that made this possible, Thank you AAA and thanks Mitzie and Jennifer for transporting.” 

Though the shelter rescued twenty-six animals in just one day, they are still in need of help in any way possible. The Sabine Parish Animal Shelter’s website, , can be accessed 24/7 to learn all the ways you can help animals in need.

Currently, the shelter’s most urgent needs are: towels, fleece blankets (not filled), Clorox wipes, bleach, Lysol spray,Febreeze pet odor eliminator liquid, gallon storage bags, Milk Bone dog treats and cat treats.

From the shelter’s “How You Can Help” page:

There are many ways you can help the Sabine Humane Society, and through them, the animals that need help.

Remember to remind people that the Humane Society exists and is a very viable option for choosing a new family member when a family is ready for a pet.

Speak up when you see animal abuse taking place. Be a voice for those that cannot speak for themselves.

The top ways to help are:

  • Membership
  • Volunteering
  • Adopting a Pet
  • Financial Support
  • Reporting Abuse

The Society was formed to help the abused, deserted, thrown away animals in Sabine Parish, Louisiana. The Societyʼs main goal was to build and operate a shelter for that purpose. Finally in October of 2010, that goal came to fruition when our Facility opened.

The funds for perpetual operation of the facility have always been a major concern. In 2008, the Society continued to lobby the Sabine Parish Police Jury for assistance. The Jury finally agreed to place a 10-year parish wide 1.5 mil property tax referendum on the November 4, 2008, general election ballot. A few volunteers worked hard promoting the tax to voters in the parish. Their efforts paid off when, by a margin of 286 votes, the citizens of the Parish supported the tax. The proceeds of this tax are collected annually, with the first collection starting in November/December of 2009. It is estimated this tax will yield approximately $130,000 to $140,000 annually. Along with the joint efforts by the town of Many, plus the assistance from the Sabine Parish Sheriffʼs Office, these funds should pay for the operation of the facility.

SOURCE: Sabine Humane Society 

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