Many Police Chief Thanks Police Force for their Continued Commitment to the Community

The Chief of Police for Many, Cheryl Wooley, publicly thanked the officers of the local police force for their continued commitment and dedication to protecting and serving the community. 
In a statement made on the Fourth of July, Chief Wooley said the following,
“I would like to thank the police officers of Many PD . They choose to serve when it would be easier to work 8-5 and have weekends and holidays with their families. They choose to serve when there are storms or fires or shots fired. While others run for safety, they choose to run towards the source.
I thank them for their diligence, their professionalism, their ability to be a team, their hard work and their ability to still crack a smile and do their job when everyone else is too tired, too scared or too angry.
I would like to thank the seasoned ones and ones just beginning their career. The ones who understand the job is always changing and know you never stop learning.
This holiday and throughout all the holidays ahead….
Thank you!” 

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